Can Aging be Prevented by Nanotechnology?


For now, the key plans for nanotech are biological. Many scientists believe that it can and will protect against diseases by being assimilated into the bloodstreams as microscopic robots. These nanobots would search the body for tell-tale symptoms of terminal diseases, report findings to a computer and stop them before they manifest by reconstructing defective tissue, destroying irreparable tissue and this is done virtually automatically. Note that nanobot are robotics measured by nanometers (1mm= 1,000,000 nanometers), but most nanobots currently being studied are within the range of 0.1-10 micrometers, that is 0.0001-0.1mm.

Some scientists take it further by believing that it could prevent dying itself!

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1 thought on “Can Aging be Prevented by Nanotechnology?”

  1. The problem with this is that we will have to seriously limit our ability to reproduce.
    At least until we have the technology to go to other planets similar to the Earth and export the excess population to those planets.
    Or the ability to make other planets like the Earth from existing planets currently not like the Earth such as Venus or even Mars.
    Part of that ability will have to be interstellar space ships exploring our neighboring stars.
    So far we have only found a series of planets that are literally hell holes.
    One solution that is temporary would be to redesign humans to live under the oceans and produce food under these oceans. 6/7ths of the planet is covered in water.
    Another problem is the current religious beliefs of our populations conflicting with what is discovered by science. In the time of Jesus, many believed the Earth, the Heavens, and Hell were part of a flat earth. The Sun moved around the Earth not the other way around. That world did not include a Universe with 300,000 galaxies and an enormous number of stars. Nor did it understand the vast and enormous size of the universe or the possible age of said Universe.
    We, as a species, have a lot of soul searching to do.
    Remarkably, Jesus was right about a whole lot of things including the flexibility to forgive and move on. He also stated in my father’s house there are many mansions meaning possibly many Earth-like planets out there.
    We have entire cultures, religions, and peoples that do not fit in the modern world.
    The answer is usually not to argue about the technology but to ignore it.
    Technology in every field on the planet is changing rapidly. What is true today is possibly not true with our new understanding of things tomorrow.
    Violent and dictatorial societies suppress anything that does not agree with those belief systems and could end the planet itself in the next few years as weapons of mass destruction pass into the wrong hands.
    On top of all of this is the possibility that God, his angels, Jesus and the entire ancient past will come visiting any time soon.
    Or we could all wake up in an atomic nightmare some day soon.
    So stopping the aging might not help at all.
    God has a purpose behind everything that happens.
    I am quite sure that God alone will determine when and if Jesus returns in our lifetimes.
    Will God stop the destruction before it can occur?
    Most likely given our 2,000 year history since Jesus that will not happen.
    When and if it does, a whole lot of beliefs both in our Christian communities and the world will go by the way side.
    One such belief is that death by aging or accident is inevitable.

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