Can DNA Nanobots Successfully Treat Cancer Patients? First Human Trial Soon


“No, no it’s not science fiction; it’s already happening,” said Ido Bachelet to a somewhat incredulous audience member at a London event late last year. Bachelet, previously of Harvard’s Wyss Institute and faculty member at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University, is a leading figure in the field of DNA nanotechnology.

In a brief talk, Bachelet said DNA nanobots will soon be tried in a critically ill leukemia patient. The patient, who has been given roughly six months to live, will receive an injection of DNA nanobots designed to interact with and destroy leukemia cells—while causing virtually zero collateral damage in healthy tissue.

According to Bachelet, his team have successfully tested their method in cell cultures and animals and written two papers on the subject, one in Science and one in Nature.

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1 thought on “Can DNA Nanobots Successfully Treat Cancer Patients? First Human Trial Soon”

  1. There are a lot of possibilities including a cure for ageing.
    But all computers big and small are subject to program errors. Nanobots could turn into a nightmare.
    Nano technology does show a lot of promise.
    But anyone that messes with the cancer cash cows is in for opposition from the Medical Association.
    We are talking about a lot of money in danger of going away if this works. The people profiting from cancer will not stand for that.
    Right now the law reads you HAVE to use Chemotherapy to treat cancer. That is what frustrates real doctors.
    Chemotherapy is obsolete in a lot of cases. No one talks about the other treatments that might do the job with a lot less damage to the body.
    Fast spreading cancers leave us with little choice. You simply do not have enough time to do anything before it kills you.
    Do not mess around. Get treatment immediately. That is the difference between living and dying. There are a lot of people that thought they had time to try something only to find that was the difference between life and dying.
    If the US Congress had this kind of law in 1800, we would still be using leaches to bleed patients. You simply cannot tie the hands of medical people like the Congress has done.
    That is the problem with legalizing a treatment over another treatment. Science and medical research does not sit still, and what is considered right today might be obsolete tomorrow as a newer tech comes into being that works better than the old one.
    The reason behind the law is to simply guarantee that doctors will make a lot of money from your disease.
    Nanobots hold a lot of promise for the future. But only if the Congress eliminates laws that will keep it from happening.

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