The Last Days Of ‘Normal Life’ In America

If you have got family and friends that you would like to visit before things start getting really crazy, you should do so within the next couple of months, because these are the last days of “normal life” in America. The website where I have posted this article is called “End of the American Dream“, but perhaps I should have entitled it “The End of America” because that is essentially what we are heading for. The debt-fueled prosperity that so many of us take for granted is about to come to a screeching halt, and we are about to enter the hardest times that any of us have ever known. And I am not just talking about economics either. Based on all of the intel and information that I have gathered, we are about to enter a “perfect storm” that is going to shake this country in just about every possible way that it can be shaken. So I hope that you will truly savor this summer – days like this will not come around again any time soon.

What ‘Scandalous’ Changes Could Be Coming To The Catholic Church?

The catechism, or official teaching, of the Catholic Church states that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered” and that people attracted to the opposite sex must remain celibate. Pope Francis signaled a more understanding attitude, however, when he famously said in 2013: “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?”

Violent Crime Is Surging In Major U.S. Cities And The Economy Is Not Even Crashing Yet

Don’t let anyone tell you that crime is going down in America. All over the United States, rates of violent crime in our major cities are increasing by double digit percentages. Murders are way up, shootings are way up and rapes are way up. So what is behind this sudden spike in crime? In Baltimore, authorities are pointing to the racial tensions that were stirred up by the riots that erupted in protest to the death of Freddie Gray. But what about the rest of the country? From coast to coast, we are witnessing a dramatic increase in violent crime, and the economy is not even crashing yet. So what is going to happen when the next great economic crisis hits us, unemployment skyrockets, and people really start hurting?

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