Stunning warning about Saudi Arabia’s new ‘mega-city’

“Just to the west of Mecca is Jeddah, and they are turning that into what is going to be the greatest seaport in the world,” he said. “That is their purpose. They want Jeddah to replace Dubai as the greatest seaport of the whole Red Sea, the whole Middle East. Then, in the north, you have Medina, which is the second holiest city in Islam. And then you have another major port city, it’s called King Abdullah Economic City. They are in the process of building this incredibly high speed railroad so you can get from any one of these cities to the other within about 20 minutes.

A Retrial for Jesus? New Campaign Launched In Israel Generating A Lot Of Interest

One scholar, Ariel Cohen Alloro, while not “an official rabbi,” is a student of one of today’s great rabbis and a longtime student of Judaism and Christianity. He is proposing the “traditional Pidyon haBen” ceremony – the “Redeeming of the Firstborn Son” – to welcome Jesus, known to the Jews as Yeshua, “back to his Jewish family and remove all the old taboos and restrictions related to his name from the Jewish Orthodox standpoint.”

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