Child Mistakenly Knocks Over Statue – Now Parents May Be Forced To Pay Out $132,000

(By The Daily Sheeple) A child who was caught on video knocking down a statue may have just cost his parents $132,000. The statue was an art piece at a community center.

The incident took place while the family was at a wedding reception.  According to Inside Edition, in the video of the unfortunate event, two children play around with the sculpture before one of the kids hugs the sculpture and it falls to the floor.  It looks a little more like the child attempted to climb the statue at the time it fell almost on top of him.

The children’s parents were reportedly in another room at the Tomahawk Ridge Community Center in Overland Park, Kansas attending the wedding reception when the incident happened on May 18.

“We are not billing the family. It’s our insurance company reaching out to their insurance company,” Sean Reilly, a spokesperson for the community center, told Inside Edition.

The statue was being loaned to the community center and the $132,000 fee is to pay for the total cost of the piece. The child’s mom, Sarah Goodman, told ABC15 she received a letter from the center’s insurance company saying they owed the money because they were “negligent for not monitoring their children.”

“My children are well supervised but all people get distracted,” Goodman said. On the other hand, Reilly told Inside Edition that the two boys in the video “were running around for quite some time.”  Goodman also pointed out that there was nothing to protect the statue while Reilly said the statue was secure. “It’s not designed to be climbed upon,” Reilly said.

Goodman told ABC15 she has reached out to her homeowner’s insurance for assistance with the matter, but they believe the damage fee of “$132,000 is completely astronomical.”

(By The Daily Sheeple)

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