Christine Nicholson: “Soon Everyone On Taiwan Island Will Be Trying To Flee From Death”

(Guest article by Christine Nicholson) Dear friends, greetings, peace and blessing be to you all! No matter what part of the world you come from, the messages contained in this letter are for you. While many of us are still dealing with the devastating effects of the ongoing Russia Ukraine war on the European continent at different levels in various aspects of our life, I’m sad to let you know today that a much more destructive war has been brewing, and it is gradually gaining momentum in the past six months on the other side of the world- in the Asia Pacific Region. If we reckon that the current unimaginable damages from the Russia Ukraine war is not bad enough, be sure that the worse is yet to come. And friends, please allow me to explain to you why.

If you are an unbeliever of Jesus Christ, what I am going to tell you today will be a fantastic opportunity for you to explore and gain intellectual and supernatural knowledge of the mind of Christ, the mind of God, therefore, you will have the chance to find out for yourself whether God truly exists or not; But if you are already a Christian, I am sure that what you read later on will strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ and increase your love for Him. Whatever your case may be, please let us all take heed to the messages in this letter and swiftly begin a process of retrospection on our life, repent of our sins and turn to the true living God- Jesus Christ, because we will definitely need Him to help us get through the DARK HOUR that is heading our way soon. May we all receive forgiveness of sins and grace from God, thus being able to escape from the coming destructions!

The LORD gave me two separate visions, one is in March 2021, the other in July 2022. Both visions were pointing to a war between China and America over Taiwan territorial claim issue. Below is the detailed accounts of these two visions. Whether you are going to analyse them with your logistical mindset or by praying about it to God, I encourage you all to take these two visions seriously and ask Heaven/God to grant us world peace. So, let’s get into it.


On the night of 23 March 2021 at about 12 o’clock, as I was walking through my hallway in my house heading to my bedroom, I said to the LORD these words, saying: “Lord Jesus, if you are willing, please give me a dream, a vision or let me hear your voice, so that I will have something to give to your people.” To my astonishment, the LORD did give me a vision after I had fallen into sleep that night. Here is what I saw in the vision:

A New Zealand national flag appeared in front of me. On the right part of the flag along the centre line, two words were written in radiant white light, like the light of Jesus Christ that I once saw during my out of body experience in heaven. The words read: China America. And right below these two words, a third word was written on the flag too. It was: $2.80. As soon as I finished reading the words on the flag, the meaning of the vision was given to me instantly. Its meaning is:

“China and America are going to have a war when the petrol price hits $2.80 a litre in New Zealand dollars.”

Please let us pay attention to the explanation of $2.80, because it is very important. This figure serves as a sign only which signals the coming of China America war. It doesn’t mean that the war will happen as soon as the petrol price hits $2.80 NZD, but it simply means that when we are seeing the petrol price reach $2.80 NZD a litre, then the war is not far away. The war may come in two months, or two years’ time after this sign has been shown to us. But be sure that it is coming once this sign has been given to us to see. Metaphorically speaking, for example, when we see tender branch has already come out on a fig tree and it has put forth leaves, we know that summer is near. In the same way, when we see petrol price has hit $2.80 NZD a litre, we should know that this war is also near. Upon being shown with this message by the LORD, I was woken up with fear and trembling, because China is my mother land, I don’t want a war there, nor do I want a war to happen to America either. So, my heart was pounding and I said to the LORD: “LORD, what do you want me to do with this message? Do you want me to keep it to myself, or do you want me to let your people know about it? LORD, you need to tell me what to do. If you are willing, please speak to me and let me hear your voice, so that I will know for sure what exactly I need to do!” By this time it was about 3:30 in the morning of 24th March. After saying the prayer, I went straight back to sleep without expecting any reply from God at all. To my absolute amazement, God answered my prayer after about 30 minutes’ time in my dream! I saw nothing in the dream but only heard His voice. Lord Jesus told me in the dream, saying: “Go ahead. Turn my people to me.” By listening to the tone of Lord Jesus’ voice, I understood that He was very disappointed and angry, and His voice sounded very stern. “Why was God disappointed and angry?” you may ask. Well, I will tell you why. God is omniscient. He already knew what people’s reactions would be after hearing about this vision that I am sharing with you today. Some people will not believe this message I am telling you about, nor will they cease from sinning against God. They will continue with their mocking at God, also these people will ridicule me, labelling me with many names, a dreamer, a lunatic… To be honest, I personally don’t care how ugly the names they will label me with, I know what I am in God’s eyes. No one can hurt me with words, no matter how disrespectful they are. But my friends, one thing you all can be assured of is that I care about you and your family, otherwise I wouldn’t be here today presenting you with this message. In this dream, God was angry as well, and the reason for that is because of the lawlessness in the world right now. God hates sins. He does not want human beings to sin, thus suffering lethal consequences because of their rebellion against God. God loves His own creations. He desires that we all repent of our own sins and live a righteous holy life. But since many of us in the world, our hearts are so hardened up like a stone, unrepentant, that’s why God’s voice sounded very stern when I heard Him speaking in my dream.

After waking up from this vision, the LORD gave me words again, requiring me to start a Youtube channel to spread this message to warn people about the coming war between China and America. In Mid October 2021, the price of petrol reached $2.80 NZD a litre already here in New Zealand. Since then the tension between these two great powers kept escalating during the first half of 2022. I prayed to God every now and then for world peace, asking Him to take the war away if it is possible ever since this war vision was given to me. I also asked God to give me understanding about the cause of this coming war, but I didn’t receive any answer of it until 5th July 2022. Now the following is the true accounts of what happened when God gave me the second vision regarding the China America war.


On the night of 5th July 2022 at about 10 o’clock, I was in my room alone spending time with God and praying for a few friends of mine after serving communion to myself by eating bread and drinking wine to remind me of Lord Jesus’ sacrifice for me and for the world on the cross. I then proceeded to ask God to give me understanding and insight into the China America War vision which He gave me last year. Kneeling on my carpet, I waited silently for God’s response. Three minutes went past, God showed me a vision of Taiwan out of my surprise.

In the vision, I was looking down on Taiwan from the sky above it, therefore, the Taiwan Island looked smaller in size. The atmosphere surrounding the whole Taiwan Island was dark and gloomy in colour. The sea waters surrounding the Island was not blue colour but it was dark grey, a thin veil of black haze was covering the whole Island. Rocky mountains were standing tall all over the Island. And many black crows covered all the rocky mountain tops. Out of a sudden, all these black crows started flying away, as if they had heard some gunshots or something. They did not fly away with joy out of natural instinct, but they flew away out of fear. I could feel their fear when I was seeing them flying away in the vision. After seeing this vision, the meaning of the Taiwan vision was given to me. Its meaning is this:

“Dark clouds are already gathering upon Taiwan Island. The threat of death is already residing within Taiwan. And soon everyone on Taiwan Island will be trying to flee from death, just as these crows are, fleeing from death by flying away.”

Dear friends, after reading about these two visions God gave me, did it ever occur in your mind this thought, that God is real and He is truly alive? God knows all things and He hears all things!

Let all of us turn to the true living God- Jesus Christ today, repent of our sins, so that this war may be withdrawn from this world when God sees a change in our heart and behaviours, as in the case documented in the <<Book of Jonah>> in the Bible. God relented and reversed the destruction upon the people of Nineveh, which was foretold to Jonah whom God asked to go and preach to the Nineveh people. My friends, I urge each and everyone of you to pray for world peace now when we still have the chance to, because tomorrow is not guaranteed, nor is peace or safety. May God bless all of you and your family in the coming DARK HOUR! Please remember Lord Jesus’ words written below, be prepared and stay safe! Amen.

<< REVELATION 22:12>>

“And behold, I am coming quickly, and my reward is with me,

to give to every one according to his work.”