Civil Unrest Has Erupted In Beirut

1 thought on “Civil Unrest Has Erupted In Beirut”

  1. Of course, you remember the gigantic explosion that devastated Beirut last year on August 4.
    I think this catastrophe heralded the end of Lebanon as we know it, according to Isaiah 10.34 i.f., literally. “And Lebanon will fall with something powerful” or “with a formidable event”.
    Interestingly enough, the first two words of the Hebrew sentence, VeHaLevanon B’Adir, have a total numerical value of 366, i.e. the number of days of a leap year in the gregorian calendar, just like 2020 AD.
    Furthermore, the second word, B’Adir, has a numerical value of 217, August 4 being precisely … the 217th day of 2020!

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