What is it going to take for CNN’s Jim Acosta to finally be fired?

After his disgraceful display at the Singapore summit, I don’t know how any respectable news organization could continue to employ him. The following comes from the Gateway Pundit

At one point Trump and Kim Jong Un paused on the balcony during a break.

Jim Acosta started blurting out questions whenever the two leaders stepped out of their meetings — then Acosta was caught in a hot mic moment.

Jim Acosta: Mr President, how is the meeting going so far, sir?… Any progress, Mr. President?… Mr. President, how’s it going so far, sir? What do you think?

President Trump (from balcony with Kim Jong Un): Very, very good.

Jim Acosta: Mr. Kim will you give up your nuclear weapons, sir?

Jim Acosta: (After President Trump and Kim Jong Un exit the balcony) Hey, if they’re not going to let me in the ******* meeting, then that’s what happens.”

If you would like to see video footage of this exchange, you can find it on YouTube right here starting about the 2 hour 38 minute mark…