Coach Dave Daubenmire: Christian Men are So Soft

(Coach Dave) John the Baptist didn’t wear skinny jeans. Jeremiah was not into “friendship” evangelism, and Jesus did not surround himself with cookie-cutter senior pastors, ministers of music, or youth ministers that dot the landscape of America’s churches today. He went after the hard core guys…guys who knew how to get their hands dirty…as opposed to today’s Pastor/CEO’s so prevalent in Evanjellyfishism today.

Where did we come up with the idea that Jesus was a softie…a pushover…a Mister Roger’s clone? Help me here. Can you point out for me even one “hero” in the Scriptures that was a weenie?

Christianity is in dire need of a reformation. How in the name of all that is holy have we come to the point where any man who speaks his mind is un-Christian? Have you read the book of Acts? Don’t you understand that those in the Bible who are most famous are the ones who opposed the status-quo? Paul wrote most of the New Testament FROM JAIL. A jail cell was his pulpit.

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