Could Planetary Alignments Be Responsible For Massive Earthquakes?

Earthquake West Coast United States

March 18, 2016

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People have always been wondering whether or not earthquakes can be predicted. Today, scientists claim that earthquakes cannot possibly be predicted. I beg to differ. On April 25, 2015 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal and on April 20th I warned about this time-frame from April 22 to 27 because of critical positions of the planets Mercury and Mars.

At the time, Mercury and Mars formed what I have termed a “lunar side-alignment” meaning that the combined resonance of Mercury and Mars influence the region in space behind the Moon as seen from Earth. The same type of alignment involving Mercury and Uranus took place when the magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit Japan in March 2011 and also when two magnitude 8 earthquakes struck off the coast of Sumatra in April 2012.

Earthquake West Coast United States

When the 9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan, the West Pacific was directly in line with Mercury and Uranus. Between March 28 and 30, 2016 Mercury and Uranus will again form a lunar side-alignment. Looking at what happened to Japan, an estimated time may be derived for the Cascadia subduction zone. If this zone is due and Mercury and Uranus combined will trigger a large earthquake there, then this may occur when that side of Earth will be facing those two planets. This will be in the evening of the 29th and 30th.

Giving the influence of the planets some time to materialize, a large earthquake may occur around 23:00 hours UTC on either of those days (UTC is 8 hours ahead of PST and 7 hours ahead of PDT). To be on the safe side we should also include the 31st. However, the 29th or 30th will be more likely.

The reason why I put emphasis on the Pacific North West is because there have been very large earthquakes around the Pacific in the last three-hundred years, but not at Cascadia, even though this is a subduction zone. The last time a large earthquake occurred there was on January 27, 1700, which is 115478 days to March 29, 2016. No one can say with any certainty when the big one is going to hit the West Coast but based on observations, we should be on high alert when certain planetary configurations occur, especially so when Mercury and Uranus are involved.

The pressure may be greatest along the fault line where the coast bends back to the west, which is South of Portland at the South Coast of Oregon (see image). There have been a number of large earthquakes to the North at Vancouver Island and in Southern Alaska. They have added more pressure, especially where the coast line bends back, which is where most stress is accumulating. The subduction zone along the coast of Oregon has been totally silent for decades. There has been no significant earthquake (magnitude 7+) since earthquake recording began in 1901.

Given the level of radiation poisoning in the Pacific due to the three reactor meltdownsat Fukushima in 2011, large earthquake events in the North Pacific will probably occur sooner than later. We shouldn’t be surprised to see a magnitude 9.8 type of earthquake in the near future.

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