David Jones Had An Amazing Vision Of The Coming Of The Day Of The Lord

When he was 17 years old, David Jones had a remarkable experience during which he was shown the coming of the Day of the Lord as described in the Bible.  At that time, he didn’t understand what he had just been shown, and so he started searching the Bible for an explanation.  Since that day, he has been a very powerful minister for the Lord.

In the video above, Jones shares what he was shown with Sid Roth.  The following description of this video comes from YouTube

Pastor David Jones had the vision of the blood moon before even he didn’t know the meaning. Later on, he had vision of the day of the Lord. He talks about the day of coming Jesus is very near. Sid Roth had a dream and he heard from the Lord that He is coming very soon! It is time to be ready for the coming of Jesus. We have to ready in anytimes! We have repent our sins daily basis! We have to surrender all to Jesus!