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Believing in beneficial mutations is like believing a short-circuit in the motherboard of your computer could improve its performance. To make any lasting change, a beneficial mutation would have to spread (“sweep”) through a population and stay (become “fixed”). To evolutionists, this idea has been essential for so long that it is called a “classic sweep”, “in which a new, strongly beneficial mutation increases in frequency to fixation in the population.” Some evolutionist researchers went looking for classic sweeps in humans, and reported their findings in the journal Science. “To evaluate the importance of classic sweeps in shaping human diversity, we analyzed resequencing data for 179 human genomes from four populations”. “In humans, the effects of sweeps are expected to persist for approximately 10,000 generations or about 250,000 years.” Evolutionists had identified “more than 2000 genes as potential targets of positive selection in the human genome”, and they expected that “diversity patterns in about 10% of the human genome have been affected by linkage to recent sweeps.” So what did they find? “In contrast to expectation,” their test detected nothing, but they could not quite bring themselves to say it. They said there was a “paucity of classic sweeps revealed by our findings”. Sweeps “were too infrequent within the past 250,000 years to have had discernible effects on genomic diversity.” “Classic sweeps were not a dominant mode of human adaptation over the past 250,000 years.”

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  1. This is a very interesting article.
    It comes down to numbers. Numbers that chance might have had an influence on everything we know about the development of life on this planet. Only the numbers do not add up.
    Only the programming involved in a living cell does not support chance as a way it might have happened.
    It is very sophisticated chemical programming that allows cells to exist.
    On this one, I go with the Bible. In Genesis, there is a description of how this planet became populated with life.
    The Fly in the Ointment here is time.
    It also points to our species. Did we evolve? Or were we created?
    The first chapters of Genesis are a mystery.
    The six “days” of Genesis creation describe the terra-forming of a planet.
    Where did those created beings come from?
    We have evidence of the Earth. Of life existing here for a very long time. No one really knows for sure how long a time we are talking about.
    We have more genetic errors in the Human programming than any other critter on the planet. There are over 400 genetic errors out there.
    We have a unique Chromosome structure that no other known mammal has.
    IF there is anything natural selection about that, we would have by now lost those 400 genetic errors.
    The human head is not really designed to be born of woman. It is far too large at birth.
    C-sections today are big business because of this “natural” way of things.
    Yet in the BIble it specifically states we were created in “their” image. Who does “their” or “our” refer to?
    Anytime Genesis is referred to we get into very controversial things as to what facts are facts.
    The switches in the genetic code are also unusual.
    Scientists are messing with those switches on things like domestic chickens. Things like turning the scale of lizards on and off. The mad scientists of science fiction are becoming fact.
    The anti-cancer thing is there. But if we could cure cancer by turning a genetic switch, would we do it?
    I suggest a lot of money is involved and this line of research will be buried soon.
    So even if something is obviously false, money plays a big part in whether or not we will recognize it as false or not. Evolution is a case in point. It has been dead for a good number of years and it is still financed by the colleges. One may ask Why?
    What has happened is molecule biology has stepped around Evolution in a diplomatic way until now. Forensics also steps around delicate facts so as not to offend anybody.
    Religion also plays a part. Because future shock happens when religion and science conflict.
    The only chance religion really has is to be not only current but in advance of all the discoveries now being made all over the world.
    It is a tribute that the Bible is still ahead of the science in the way of “truth” of what it says even though it is many thousands of years old.
    The time is coming when the entire “truth” will be known and that also is predicted in the Bible.

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