Disturbing New Poll Finds 59 Percent Of Americans Support Torture


After reading about a new poll that shows 59% of Americans support post 9/11 torture, I’ve spent the entire morning thinking about what it means. Does this confirm the total degeneration of American culture into a collective of chicken-hawk, unthinking, statist war-mongering automatons? Alternatively, does it merely reflect the effectiveness of corporate-government propaganda? Is it a combination of both? How does the poll spilt by age group?

These are all important questions to which I do not have definitive answers, but I have some thoughts I’d like to share. First, here are some of the observations from the Washington Post:

A majority of Americans believe that the harsh interrogation techniques used on terrorism suspects after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks were justified, even as about half the public says the treatment amounted to torture, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

By an almost 2-1 margin, or 59-to-31 percent, those interviewed support the CIA’s brutal methods, with the vast majority of supporters saying they produced valuable intelligence.

In general, 58 percent say the torture of suspected terrorists can be justified “often” or “sometimes.”

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5 thoughts on “Disturbing New Poll Finds 59 Percent Of Americans Support Torture”

  1. The problem with torture is that anyone intimidated by being tortured will likely attempt to tell you exactly what you want to hear to stop the torture. It has nothing to do with any actual intelligence or actual events.
    Even if we had a method of getting these people to spill everything that they know, it would be dubious at best.
    Because people on the lines are fed information from higher up that those higher up want the enemy to believe to be the truth.
    So what do we really have with torturing people? We have sadism being gratified for no useful information whatsoever.
    We have revenge torture on people.
    It is a total waste of resources.
    If we were in the business of gathering information from these people we would have to isolate them. Then we would have to make sure the stories all conformed or the information is questionable at best.
    You would have to be dealing with people that are trained observers which is not the case.
    A hitman once told his autobiography to an author. That hitman claimed that if he did a hit in broad daylight with 20 witnesses to that crime that all 20 would have different stories after the event and no two would conform to the actual facts.
    And that is what we are dealing with when we deal with these terrorists. No two people will see things exactly the same.
    The nearest you might get to truth would be with some kind of chemical induced state in which the individual would give you his version of things. That state would probably be hypnotic in nature so that the observed facts are coming from deep in the mind of the individual and not colored by belief systems. Which is another problem.
    People believe they are being martyred. That means they believe they are going to paradise because people are persecuting them.
    IF you let them go, they will go back to doing things exactly like they did before they were captured.
    SO that is not an option.
    Torture only reinforces their belief system.
    I would like to have the people prosecuted for doing the torture. But that involves too many people in a position of extremely high rank in our government. Not likely to happen.
    Where we do have a problem is people with foggy brains that think there is any value whatsoever in torturing anyone.

    • DJohn1;

      The “problem” lies with gutless eloi like you who spout
      politically correct nonsense and regard it as truth. You probably also believe
      that “diversity is strength” and “race is a social construct”. You seem to have
      lost your self defense mechanism completely. Talk about foggy minds!

      First; nobody in CIA custody was “tortured”, they were
      discomfited. If you want to know what torture is I suggest you acquaint
      yourself with the story of the Israeli pilot who was captured by the Syrians
      and was given the full Black and Decker treatment, having holes drilled in his
      skull and bones while being given injections that dissolved his flesh, he
      lasted nine months under that treatment, given by our enemies, muslim swine!

      The detainees discomfited by the CIA were treated with
      humanity and respect once they decided to co-operate, which pretty much all of
      them did. Certainly they told their interrogators what they wanted to hear,
      which was; who is paying you, where do you get your orders from, where have you
      been and where are you intending to go, who are your associates, what
      operations are you currently involved in, etc. Information gained in these interrogations
      was stored and cross referenced in a huge data base which then provided our
      security services with an invaluable window into the terrorist networks.

      This has now been stopped and the dedicated and courageous
      people who are charged with protecting us (even idiots like you) are hamstrung
      in their efforts to interdict terrorist operations. All so that self-righteous
      dingbats completely lacking any moral fiber whatsoever (look in the mirror) can
      preen in their self-conferred moral superiority. God help us if we ever have to
      depend on types like you to storm the beach and bayonet the enemy. You make me

      • I see you assume much about me that you have no idea about.
        The torture was that though not on the same level as the barbaric peoples we are dealing with.
        I was suggesting there are better ways to get the information from these people that while equally illegal are much more effective. Any competent chemist could give you information about that.

        I was one of three people that survived the Vietnam Conflict and got out of service in 1966. There were 12 people in the barracks I shared. 9 of them died in Vietnam. I survived mostly by luck more than skill. I was a good typist and someone above me needed good typists more than good shots. I am a natural with both a rifle and a pistol. First time on a basic training firing range I shot 281 out of a possible 300. I had never touched a rifle before. I also have air police training. I served in South Korea rather than Vietnam and that is why I survived. I did not press that luck with a second term of service.
        Moral superiority has nothing to do with it. I volunteered for the Air Force the day after the Cuban Crisis occurred. I am legally blind in my left eye. They took me anyway because I had electronic skills.

        Would I kill an enemy if I had to? I don’t know. Neither does any one else that has not been in that situation.
        IF my family were in jeopardy I would more than likely put a bullet between their eyes.
        If they got close enough for a knife they are too close to be effectively killed without personal damage.
        Yes, I do have combat training and I know most of the standard moves. I still would not trust in them.
        You sound like you were there. I just hope given what you had to work with you did the best job you could.

        • I went off at you personally and for that I apologize, that was totally uncalled for. I can only say that I am very frustrated and angry, particularly at those who, like Senator Feinstein, are hypocrites and poseurs, she knew everything about the so called “torture”. As a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee she was briefed in detail and was one who requested that the CIA use “all methods” to defend the US against future attacks. Now she throws the agents who did her (amongst many others) bidding under the bus. it is one thing to lay safe in your bed and thank the rough guys who make the World safe for you, it is despicable to enjoy the security they bring you and then castigate them for using rough methods. I stand by my definition, it wasn’t torture, it was a lot of carrot and stick; co-operate and you will be fine, don’t co-operate and you will make things very uncomfortable for yourself. The information gathered was very extensive and very valuable, many plots were thwarted, but they only need to get lucky with a couple of ops to make our lives very nasty indeed.

          • Apology accepted. I am not on the front lines. I am not walking in your shoes.
            I would not trust anyone in a position where they lie all the time.
            And make no mistake, most of them do a lot of lying. The problem isn’t the lying. It is getting caught. And they do get caught quite frequently. J Edgar Hoover had files on a lot of them caught in their own lies.
            That was why they were afraid of him.
            I have the ability to see situations in 3 dimensions instead of 2. What I see coming down isn’t going to be very nice at all. If I am right and I hope that I am wrong is a Pearl Harbor type scene hitting this country much as 9/11 hit us. When and where it happens is still a bit of a mystery to me. New York is of course a prime target. So is Chicago and San Francisco. Denver is a possible target. What all those places have in common is they are major hubs for air travel.
            Putting ourselves in their shoes with their belief system that is what would be most likely to happen.
            The problem with Pearl Harbor is I am not convinced that FDR did not have advanced notice that the Japanese were planning it. If so, they played right into his hands.
            So if something like this is coming down, it might lead right back up to the top. That is way beyond my pay grade.
            Personally, I stay away from it all. I am comfortably retired at 72.

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