Divine signs appearing in Israel


Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, who led the recently completed tour, witnessed a remarkable sign while he was in the Holy Land with tour participants.

“Israel is the land where the spiritual and the physical come together, in signs, in miracles, in revelations, and in the incarnation of Messiah Himself,” Cahn said. “Even as recent as our tour this November, people were remarking at what they saw.

“On our last day, we were standing on the roof of the Upper Room where, on Pentecost, the Holy Spirit was poured out on the disciples. I was doing a special anointing with oil of the people on the tour while we worshiped, and I prayed for an outpouring from heaven. While I was praying for that outpouring, people began noticing that something striking was taking place over our heads. The heavens were opening up and an outpouring of light was manifesting above us.”

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