5 thoughts on “Does Wearing Double Masks Really Work?”

  1. I keep telling people since this hoax started that masks are useless. Anyone that wears glasses should figure that out the first time they put a mask on. If your glasses fog, the mask is useless. One major reason masks don’t work is because the air all goes around the mask, not through it.
    This whole mask thing is unlawful, and unhealthy.
    Everybody touches those masks with their fingers constantly, contaminating their fingers, then everything they touch gets contaminated. Masks are spreading not just covid, but every infection mask wearers happen have.
    The people that started this nonsense and dangerous nonsense need to be shot at a firing squad, they have caused the deaths of millions of otherwise healthy people by demanding that these disease spreading masks be worn everywhere, insane.
    It’s hard to think that so many people are ignorant to the point of believing that a rag on your face will keep you from getting sick. This is why education is so important, ignorance kills.

  2. The diameter of the virus varies from 20 nonometers to 50 nonometers. In order to protect anyone it is necessary to manufacture a mask that will prevent any viral particle from
    entering or leaving a mask by including a mesh that blocks any such particles measuring 20 nanometers.

    A nanometer is one billionth of a meter.

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