Economic Collapse Survival Map – Risk Analysis of best area in United States

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(YT) Where would be the place in the United States to be in the event of an economic collapse? What if you had to grow some of your own food to feed your family? What if utilities failed provide water, natural gas or electricity? How would you heat your home or cook your meals? What if riots and crime plagued large cities? What would happen if the government stopped handing out Foodstamps and Welfare? This is one analysis of where may be the best place to be in the United States?

This is only one point of view and I am from the Deep South, but most people will not be prepared and have no experience at raising crops. In an area with long winters with low food stocks, you could starve. No I do not sell real estate and in fact I live in Alabama.

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  1. This poorly presented article is claiming the Extreme South part of our nation is the only place that one might survive on their own. They are doing this in the video attached to the article.
    I disagree. The Amish in Pennsylvania and Ohio live in areas with harsh winters yet survive almost independently. The obvious answer for these people is canning and storing food for the winters. That they try to own their property outright and do not subscribe to the power companies and utilities does give them a certain amount of independence. That they use horses for transportation makes them somewhat independent of the transportation industry that scalps people in the price of a car.
    The local governments do not like any of this of course. The Amish have been fought by the bureaus for a long time. They subscribe to a lifestyle best thought of as 1870s.
    They also are family units with the young and the old cooperating to survive. The old are experienced and young have the stamina and strength. The often have dual dwellings. One for the young families and one for the older parents.
    Where we have gone wrong is we are no longer independent of all the 20th-21st century electrical ways of doing things. The automobile industry is totally corrupted by the government rules which raises the price of a car to the point where it takes almost 1/3 of what you make to maintain one.
    The utility companies could have reduced the cost of power by at least 2/3rds by now with modern technology. They haven’t. It is too lucrative a field to allow that to happen.
    We should have power units attached to the house that access natural power instead of a system of wires strung all over the country. Tesla thought it was very possible and tried to explore that kind of thing. I think he was shut down by the power monopolies.
    We could be totally independent if it were not for the thieves amongst us.
    The thieves amongst us are all the professionals out there making a living by not working. They are instead stuck in some kind of tech that came from around 1935.
    The tech is there. We should have 4 cylinder cars right now that get around 65 mpg. They should be incredibly simple to reproduce and polution free. The engineering is there. But those same cars cannot be engineered to last only 5-7 years. So you will never see them.
    We have giant bureaus in government that insure that none of what I have described will ever occur in this lifetime.
    We have an agency called the FDA run by, run for, the medical community that insures that the major cash cows of our generation are never cured.
    Within a generation, possibly in the next year, the entire thing is going to collapse on them.
    They have all ready covered up a simple cure for things like cancer, diabetes, and others.
    The creed of the educated class of professionals is simple. There is no connection between what you do for a living and how much money you make from doing so. That is why you have outrageous closing costs on a house including title insurance to make sure the clerk in the lawyer’s office actually searched the title.
    That is why doctors harvest fees from looking at a chart in a hospital raising the cost of a visit to a hospital to outrageous levels.
    That is why it takes a lawyer to get disability to the tune of 1/3 of the first check which conveniently covers all back pay of getting disability. That is why a judge will never approve disability without a lawyer.
    The professionals are really professional thieves.
    None of this would not be possible without the Congress making it happen. They too are pros at stealing money to the tune of millions.
    The problem is they have painted us into a corner. Because independent living is almost no longer possible in this country. The baggage of doing so is too high from the bureaus set up by government. Our forefathers would roll over in their graves if they could see what has happened to this once proud nation of independent people.

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