EPA claims it has the power to garnish wages without court approval

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The Environmental Protection Agency has quietly claimed that it has the authority to unilaterally garnish the wages of individuals who have been accused of violating its rules.

According to The Washington Times, the agency announced the plan to enhance its purview last week in a notice in the Federal Register. The notice claimed that federal law allows the EPA to “garnish non-Federal wages to collect delinquent non-tax debts owed the United States without first obtaining a court order.”

The push remains up in the air, however, as the agency says any “adverse comments” would prevent the EPA from moving forward — and some criticism has emerged in recent days.

Absent that, the rule could take effect Sept. 2. The EPA said the rule was not subject to review because it was not a “significant regulatory action.”

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1 thought on “EPA claims it has the power to garnish wages without court approval”

  1. The EPA may be right about that.
    But then all those lawyers wouldn’t have a job filing with the courts.
    And the potential for abuse goes on and on . . .
    You have to look at where the money goes.
    One day, this agency will go far enough to get everyone angry at them.
    That day is not that far off.

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