Faithless Federalists: Why “Hamilton Electors” May Face Prosecution


We saw during the GOP nomination process that when Trump would win a state, Cruz operatives would come in after losing and select electors loyal to them to flip the state if the nomination went into additional rounds.

Now we see an attempt to do the same thing with the Electoral College and overturn the popular vote with a small cabal.

Leftist progs (“progressives”) have always despised examining the written Constitution & original documents for intent, appealing instead to a “living document” view of the law.

But saying that we have a “living Constitution” is simply a prevarication to allow judicial decrees that are divorced from the text of the law and unaccountable to it.

After first railing against the “unfairness” of the Electoral College, progs are now trying to overthrow the election and seeking to channel the phony play “Hamilton” by appealing to Hamilton’s Federalist Paper, even calling themselves “Hamilton Electors”.

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