Feds want on-site look at Nebraska Medical Center’s biocontainment unit

Ebola - YouTube

The Ebola crisis in West Africa is the worst in history. Two American health care workers are gravely ill and will soon be flown to a hospital in Atlanta.

They’ll be the first Ebola patients to ever be treated in the U.S. But that begs the question: will more come here?

The U.S. State Department reached out to the Nebraska Medical Center’s biocontaintment patient care unit on Wednesday, saying they wanted an on-site look — a “be prepared” move in the face of a crisis.

Doctors at NMC said they’re prepared and honored to be called.

It’s a scenario no one wants, but here’s how it could happen:

“Someone gets off an airplane in Omaha or St. Louis with Ebola, and they’re here already, and what do we do with them to keep the community safe?” said Dr. Phillip Smith, medical director.

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