German Newspaper Offices Firebombed After Printing Charlie Hebdo Cartoons About Muhammed

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A German newspaper was firebombed overnight after it printed cartoons from the Charlie Hebdo magazine.

Several newspapers have been reprinting cartoons originally published by the French satire magazine in a gesture of solidarity after the brutal terrorist attack last week in which 12 people were executed by Islamist terrorists.

Charlie Hebdo‘s cartoonists were targeted specifically for publishing cartoons which depicted Islam’s prophet Muhammed. Radical Islamists deem such portrayals to be so heretical that people deserve to die for merely drawing and or publishing such cartoons.

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1 thought on “German Newspaper Offices Firebombed After Printing Charlie Hebdo Cartoons About Muhammed”

  1. The Germans are likely to deport their entire population of Muslims.
    The reaction to the violence is going to be the reason.
    They have a moderate amount of people that are Muslim. Mostly from Turkey.
    The answer the Germans have reached is that the Muslim population has no place in Western Europe. AT least that is the reaction.
    The movement to deport all of them has all ready started.
    The violence makes victims of everyone that is involved whether for terrorists or not.
    It is not so simple in France. They have a much larger population of Muslims as do the British.
    But once it works, then the Muslims will end up being kicked completely out of the European nations.
    All because a minority of Muslims believe in violence as a way of life.
    My suggestion is to clean up the entire Muslim Terrorist ideal and get rid of anyone that tries it. Otherwise a whole lot of people in Europe are going to be looking for a place to live.

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