Glynda Lomax Says That God Told Her That America Will Soon Be Destroyed

Glynda Lomax has been receiving dreams and visions from God for more than 20 years, and if what she is saying God told her about America is accurate, all of our lives are about to change in a major way. According to her, because America has chosen darkness our nation is about to be “slaughtered” and it “will not rise again”. And in a subsequent prophecy, God warned her that the time of Jacob’s trouble is rapidly approaching but believers “are not ready”. To many, it is unthinkable that America could fall and the Tribulation could begin soon, but there are other Christians that have been waiting for these things to happen for a very long time. If you are not familiar with Glynda Lomax, the following basic information comes straight from her website

The Lord began giving me prophetic words and visions when I was in my twenties. I began to have visions and dream visions, which at that time related to my personal life, but it was not until 1996 that I truly got into an intimate walk with Him.

In 1997, I began to receive very vivid open visions as well as dream visions and prophetic words. In early 2008, the open visions came with a new intensity, so powerful that it felt as if a wall of wind had hit me as the visions opened up before me. In December of 2008, the Lord began to show me end times visions.

Just before 2011 began, He gave me several consecutive words in a short period of time for His people. I inquired of Him about receiving so many words in such a short time and He sent me a word the next day through a prophet that He is going to pour out His Spirit. That night He spoke to me to begin this blog to release them to His people.

She appears to have a very long track record, and that is why what she is now saying is so deeply troubling.

According to Glynda, America will be destroyed in the not too distant future…

America has chosen darkness over light. She has chosen her ways over Mine. She has chosen sin over righteousness. Yea, even great sin. She clings to her abominations and promotes them to other nations. Her defiance of Me, the One who made her great, is a stench in My nostrils.

Because America has chosen darkness over light, I will give her over to darkness. I will call forth her enemies to turn out the lights in America and America will be cloaked in darkness for all to see.

I called you to repentance, America, but you would not. Your haughty spirit has now spread to other nations and your abominations have overflowed your borders and defiled others. I will give you over to the evil and perversion you have chosen over Me, and it will be your destruction.

Since you have not chosen what is right, but you have chosen evil over good, evil will fill your borders. Your enemies will trample you under foot. They will take your women and kill your children. They will spare none, young or old. They will defile your land as they go, eating your crops and ruining your flocks. Famine will abound and the people of America will be turned into the streets as their homes will no longer be safe havens.

Prepare, America, for I am calling forth your enemies to destroy you. No longer will you be called beautiful or free, for I will give you over to them and none (of the wicked) shall be able to stand against Me, the Holy One of Israel. As you have shown no mercy to others, no mercy shall be shown to you.

As you have allowed those within your borders to slaughter the innocent, so shall your beauty be slaughtered and you will not rise again. Long has the innocent blood of those you killed cried out to Me, but I am longsuffering, giving you much time to repent, yet you have not repented. You are haughty and scornful, wicked and perverse and I will abide you no longer.

Certainly we are seeing America’s relations with other world powers go downhill rapidly.

Relations with Russia and China are both the worst that they have been in decades, and it looks like our relationships with both of those superpowers are likely to continue to deteriorate.

In a subsequent prophecy, Glynda Lomax stated that the time of the Great Tribulation is rapidly approaching and we are urged to get prepared…

My children, you must prepare. The Time of My Servant Jacob’s Trouble quickly approaches and you are not ready. Ready your hearts, for what you see shall be grievous indeed. Ready your minds to survive in a time like no other. Ready your weapons, for you will need them to fight.

You have seen what is coming in My Holy Word. Quiet your spirits and remain focused on Me and all will be well. I alone can protect you in this time. For those who see this time, there is work I have called you to do.

First, search your hearts and know if there be any darkness therein. Before a man can judge the mote in another’s eye, he must first examine his own eyes. If you are to be the light in your world, you must indeed be that light, and not darkness. The enemy comes to tempt you now more than ever before, as he desires you would stumble and fall. He desires My people would lose hope and turn away from Me.

I am calling My People to bring hope in that time to those who do not know Me and to those who begin falling away from Me. I am calling you to succor them through that time that they be not lost. Prepare.

Remember, the path of peace is to keep your mind stayed on Me. I am with you in all that comes. Do not lose hope.

So what is your response to these prophecies?

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