Guy dressed up like the Monopoly Man sat directly behind Google CEO Sundar Pichai as he was grilled by Congress

This is too funny! While Google CEO Sundar Pichai was being grilled by Congress on Tuesday, a guy that was wearing a top hat, a fake handlebar mustache and a big bag of money was sitting directly behind him.  This was definitely the highlight of the testimony, because the rest of it was rather mundane

Questions on privacy, data collection, China, Russia —and especially political bias — dominated Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s grilling before Congress Tuesday.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy opened the House Judiciary Committee hearing by noting a “widening gap of distrust” between tech companies and the American people. He asked whether tech companies are “serving as instruments of freedom or instruments of control” in the U.S. and beyond.

Nobody seems to know who the guy in the costume was, but it definitely made a statement.