Welcome To The Most Important News

hello1Welcome to our new website – The Most Important News!

Many of you have followed us over from Shattered Paradigm where we would often update you on the most important news items of the day.

Those daily news updates spawned the idea for this website.  A place where all of the most important news stories (most of which the mainstream media usually ignores) can be gathered in one location.

Our hope is that we can develop this site into a very useful, very professional alternative news source that thousands of people will visit daily.  The world is changing at blinding speed, and it is more important to stay on top of what is happening in the world than ever before.

Since we are totally independent, we don’t have to answer to editors or advertisers or big corporations.  We can post any stories that we want.  We are not censored by anyone.

So we will tell it to you straight and give you the hot stories which you may not hear anywhere else.  We are here to serve you.  If you have any ideas for how we can make this site better please let us know.

Thank you for visiting us.  Please bookmark us, and please help us get the word out by letting all of your friends and contacts know about us.  It’s going to be a great ride.