I Have No Fear Of Economic Collapse

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I am not afraid of an economic collapse. Coming from someone that runs “The Economic Collapse Blog”, I am sure that sounds like a very odd statement. But it is true. I have no fear of economic collapse, even though I am fully convinced that the hardest times that any of us have ever experienced are ahead. I spend countless numbers of hours in front of my computer immersed in deeply disturbing information, and yet I sleep more soundly at night than I ever have before. In fact, my wife and I seek to live in a constant state of “shalom”, which is the Hebrew word for peace. So how is this possible? How can “the economic collapse guy” not be absolutely overwhelmed by fear, depression and paranoia?

Unlike so many that write about these things, I believe that preparation for what is ahead goes far beyond the physical. So I am constantly stressing the need for mental, emotional and especially spiritual preparation. Personally, I have absolutely no idea how atheists are going to make it through what is coming. They don’t understand why they are here, they don’t understand why history is unfolding the way that it is, and they have absolutely no hope for the future beyond this life. If you greatly fear death and you can’t stand to lose the possessions that you have accumulated, the years ahead are going to be exceedingly difficult for you.

My relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ gives my life meaning and purpose. He took the broken pieces of my life and turned them into a beautiful thing, and He can do the same for you.

I also strongly advocate physical preparation for the hard years that are coming. My wife and I work very hard to store up food and supplies. The funny thing is that there are Christians out there that actually accuse me of being “anti-faith” for doing these things. Apparently they believe that we should all just sit around watching television while we wait for God to do everything for us.

But that isn’t how it works. In the Bible, we see that exercising faith almost always involves action. Noah, Joseph and others acted in faith based on the warnings that they had received, and they were commended for it.

Are we acting on the warnings that we have received? For much more on this subject, please see my previous article entitled “Is It “Anti-Faith” To Prepare For The Coming Economic Collapse?

Knowledge and preparation help to eliminate fear. If you understand what is happening, and you know why it is happening, and you have prepared for what is happening, it makes the challenges that are ahead of you easier to tackle.

When you were in school, who got the most freaked out by quizzes and tests?

It was those that were not prepared for them of course.

In the years ahead, a lot of people are going to be jumping off of buildings, jumping in front of trains, etc. Others will plunge into a dark hole of depression and despair that they will never come back from.

The vast majority of those people will have never listened to the warnings and will have done nothing to get prepared.

Those that accuse me and others like me of “spreading fear” have got it completely backwards.

We are not “spreading fear” at all. We are spreading hope. There is hope in understanding what is happening and there is hope in getting prepared.

The preparations that are being made right now all over the nation are going to save countless numbers of lives. Those that are mocking preppers and that are telling everyone that everything is going to be just fine are going to deeply regret doing so someday.

Although I will admit that sometimes preppers are prone to a “bunker mentality”, and that is not the right approach.

Now is not the time to dig a hole and try to hide from the world.

You were born for such a time as this. It is when times are the darkest that the greatest heroes are needed. Personally, my wife and I believe that the greatest move of God the world has ever seen is coming, and we very much want to be part of it.

Yes, the years ahead are going to be extremely challenging. In fact, I don’t think that any of us can truly grasp the horror that is coming because we don’t really have any frame of reference for it.

It is kind of like trying to explain to someone that was blind from birth what a tree looks like. You can spend hours describing the tree, but unless you have some sort of frame of reference, the understanding simply is not going to be there.

Sometimes I try to sit down and write about what is ahead of us, but I find that words fail me. For example, I recently did a piece entitled “The Last Days Of Normal Life In America” that was very popular, but the truth is that it was woefully inadequate because I don’t really have a good frame of reference for what we are about to face. I don’t know that too many people out there actually do.

As “watchmen on the wall”, those of us that are trying to warn this nation are just trying to do the best that we can with what we have.

And we aren’t just sitting behind our computers “cursing the darkness” either.

A few of my fellow “watchmen” have joined with me to try to do something special. Nathan Leal, Benjamin Baruch, Lyn Leahz and I have organized a nationwide call to prayer and repentance on the weekend of September 18th to September 20th. It is going to be held at the Sandpoint Events Center in Sandpoint, Idaho, and we already know of people coming in from nine different states and Canada for this event.

In addition, similar gatherings are being organized all around the nation, and thousands that cannot attend an event in person are going to be able to participate by watching the livestream on Lyn Leahz’s 69,000 subscriber YouTube channel.

In the end, there is a limit to what each one of us can do individually, but if we work together we can collectively make a great difference.

Now is not a time for fear. Perfect love casts out fear. This is a time for the Remnant to rise up and to spread a message of hope even in the midst of all the chaos and darkness that is coming.

Yes, the times ahead are going to be more chaotic that any of us could probably imagine right now. But let us reject all fear, depression and despair, and let us endeavor to become people of great faith, great hope and great love.

(Originally posted on The Economic Collapse Blog)

4 thoughts on “I Have No Fear Of Economic Collapse”

  1. I feel the same way, Michael. Like you, I research and write on economic collapse all the time. Like you, I also have written a lot on biblical prophecy. While I’m also convinced the collapse will happen this fall (and have been for convinced of that for almost a year but not in previous years, except in 2007), I don’t feel any fear of it. I have experienced many times that God provides what I need when I truly need it. It’s rarely ever a day before I need it, and (in those more extreme incidents) rarely more than what I need; but I’m not left wanting.

    I haven’t done any prepping at all (other than moving around the money in our 401k’s), but it’s not because I think it shows a lack of faith to be prepared. I’ve just come out of a long period of unemployment, so we had no extra money to buy surplus items. It’s also because it’s really hard to say how a collapse that is as comprehensive as I think this one will play out. Some areas of the economy will be devastated, but other areas may do O.K. It’s sort of like knowing where to be downtown in an earthquake.

    We do have about forty acres of land with six feet of top soil in a mountain valley. Our land grows things abundantly and is well watered naturally, even in the worst of droughts, yet it has a semi-perpetual patch of blue over it. So, we are blessed with a beautiful farm that has a great commercial location (just haven’t had the money to develop it).

    Maybe its a bit lazy not to be laying away great stores of food, but I think God will take care of me since I haven’t been in a position of laying away a surplus anyway, as we finished the period of unemployment with no money left, but no damage done either. Today, I began my first day of paying work again, putting in twelve hours with more twelve-hour days to come. It’s not the kind of professional management work I’ve done for twenty-five years as a career. It’s driving a belly dump — something I’ve never done; but it pays $25/hr, so we’ll be O.K. I mention it because its one more example in a long list of times I’ve had a job right when things were about to get truly desperate but always before that final hour. It’s happened so many times over my 56 years, that I have come to feel that it is God’s loving provision.

    Because I have received what I needed for work or money at the last moment many times life, I don’t fear what is to come. I have known His provision. Some people, I think, wonder how I can spend so much time thinking about end-of-the-world prophecies and the end of our economy and not get depressed; but I don’t get depressed by it. I actually live as a very happy kind of person — usually laughing, smiling, enjoying other people and making them laugh.

    So prophets of doom and gloom (when doom and gloom is really going to happen) are not necessarily either pessimists or unhappy. I’m neither. I know the times will be hard; but I know hard. It’s familiar territory, and God will be there in it … often seeming more close in those times than others, making some of those times in my life great experiences, even though they were really hard times. I’ve become a dessert creature, the kind that is able to be happy in a dessert and not fear its austerity.

    And that can be true for anyone.

    –David Haggith
    The Great Recession Blog

  2. There is nothing to fear because right now it has not occurred.
    Only I think it almost occurred before an alert Federal Administration shut it down before it could go too far.
    How does that occur? Take a real close look at what happened to the Hunt Family and Silver and you might figure out what is happening now. The same organization is still in charge of what does and does not happen in the economy. The house always wins. And in this case the house is the federal government regulation of the market.
    I think a number of billionaire investors were brought together to keep it from happening. But that is guesswork not facts as Michael tends to back his articles with facts. Maybe it is the logical lawyer in him for doing so.
    What we really need to be wary of is secret government people jailing the messengers. Because that also is likely to happen. I would not put it past the government to try something like that at the last minute.
    I certainly hope Michael is alive, well, and not in jail because of his courage to write his opinion on what is likely to happen.
    I learned a lot in late life from a computer card game of poker. What I learned was to cut my losses at the earliest opportunity when the cards fell wrong. I learned to look at facts, not theory, when the potential was there to win but never occurred.
    I learned to use statistics to figure out whether I had a chance or not. Statistics can all be there and something unexpected occurs anyway.
    Every one of us who has lived a normal life knows exactly what I am talking about.
    Sometimes we are so sure we know what is going to happen . . .
    And then something unexpected occurs instead.
    The trick is to pick yourself up and correct your thinking and go on. We do not invest the family store in something that does not occur.
    Donald Trump in the second debate slipped up. He referred to a collapsed economy. This man with multiple millions should know.
    The “facts” are as Michael carefully wrote about them. What is missing is the controlling force behind the entire stock market which is an agency of the Federal Government.
    When things occur that do not make sense, it is really easy to quit. I hope that is not happening here. I enjoy Michael’s writings and his efforts. No, he is not always right. But he is making a huge effort and that should count.
    Some people are immune from being taken away in the night. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton fall into that category.
    I too hope Michael is all right.
    The people doing these things under the guise of national security are the biggest traitors this country has ever seen.
    The question really is what is the average person going to do about it if anything.
    The rules as they apply today are blatantly unconstitutional under several articles of the Bill of Rights.
    One class of people is immune from prosecution for playing inside information on the market.
    The Congress gave themselves that right to being immune from insider trading prosecution.
    That discriminates against every person in this country.
    Personally I never buy or sell stocks. Because insider trading too often could become a witch hunt.
    Especially if someone is a person that is good at analysing what is going on.
    Yet our Congress people can do anything they want without fear of being put in jail.
    Until the unequal application of the law is changed, the game is fixed.

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