“I saw cars, buses, and people being thrown everywhere”

Big changes are happening to our planet, and in the future we are going to see natural disasters on a scale that most of us can’t even imagine right now.  Today, I want to share a dream that was sent to me by a reader named Yalsmin Delgado.  Is this dream highly symbolic, or do you think that she saw something that is literally going to happen?  Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

The dream I had last week took place in Miami, on the beach. I was in a hotel room with others from my church and someone made a comment to look outside, so I moved the curtain and saw the waters and heard thunder and saw lightning. Suddenly, we appeared outside in the midst of all this chaos, those who were with me urged us to get inside this bus, similar to a grey hound. Before I entered I looked over at the ocean and physically saw a supernatural wind coming out of the water, it was not a Tsunami, the waters were not rising to the sky, but the wind was coming forth from the ocean at a speed so fast it was moving everything on earth. Once the wind caught land, I saw cars, buses, and people being thrown everywhere, they were afraid but we were not, I had a sense of peace, because what was coming wasn’t for us and it wasn’t harming us. I felt clear discernment that whatever was was coming from the water was for those who do not have the blood of the lamb over their heart. Then we boarded the bus but since this wind was so strong, it tipped over the bus, shattering all the windows and somehow we each stood at one of the windows, we weren’t hurt and did not fall. Then as I looked at my surrounding, I saw this wind passing over us, it moved around the bus and proceeded to pass us. After this I woke from my dream.

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