“I went to move my sleeping son to a safer place, thinking that there might be radioactive fallout any moment”

I have known Robert Hawes For a long time, and he just had a dream that he thought was quite noteworthy, and I agree.

He is not sure if the explosions in his dreams represent nuclear explosions, but that could definitely be the case.  As I detail in my new book, so many others have seen that there will be nuclear explosions in the United States in the future.

But perhaps some of you will feel differently about this dream.  The following is the email that Robert just sent to me…


I wanted to write to tell you about a dream I had last week that I believe was of the Lord and that he wants me to share with other believers at this time. I’ve had a number of dreams like this over the last ten years, all indicating calamity and zombie-apocalypse type scenarios breaking out around us. I believe the time of these things is now upon us.

The dream took place in two phases, and I can clearly recall the imagery even now. In the first phase, I found myself looking at what appeared to be a mural of some type. I realized that it represented America as a whole. It was a depiction of office buildings and city blocks going up in flames, with some being blown apart. A man standing next to me (but whom I never saw) said, “That’s what a hydrogen bomb can do.” I said, “Hydrogen bombs are powerful, but nowhere near powerful enough to do this to the entire country.” He replied: “Yes, unless they ignite the second stage.”

I puzzled over that exchange in the dream for two reasons: 1) No one really calls these weapons ‘hydrogen bombs’ much anymore. They’re “thermonuclear weapons,” and many use radioactive materials other than hydrogen to yield fusion reactions. 2) All known hydrogen bombs (thermonuclear weapons) are by default two-stage weapons. This is because there is no (publicly) known way to generate the necessary heat and pressure to initiate a fusion reaction other than by means of an atomic bomb. For this reason, thermonuclear weapons contain atomic bombs; the heat and pressure of the atomic explosion then ignites the fusion reaction.

While I pondered on this in the dream, the scene changed. I suddenly found myself standing in what looked like a mall or a mega-church. It was a huge concrete building with an elaborate interior and large plate-glass windows all around. My youngest son was with me. Other than him and myself, there were only a few people in the building, and most were co-workers of mine. We were going about our business as if we were about to open our store for the day. My son said that he was tired and wanted to take a nap, so I took him where he could lie down, and he fell asleep. It was a bright, sunny day outside, with no hint of trouble.

Almost immediately after this, I heard a tremendous explosion coming from somewhere behind me. I saw what looked like the shadow of a mushroom cloud rising on the wall, and saw the reflection of a fireball in a glass window in front of me. I turned and went to the back of the building, actively looking for the cloud, and finally found it. No sooner had I found it than I had the strange, displaced feeling of standing beneath it, looking up. It no longer resembled a cloud. Instead, it looked like a skinny, blackened tree, stretching up into the sky.

At that moment, I heard a beeping sound coming from the front of the building. It was a semi backing up to the front of the building. The logo on the side was from a whole foods distributor that delivers to my workplace three times a week. It was then that a second detonation took place, this time directly to the front of the building, from a direction I perceived as northeast. There was no fireball and no cloud, but I suddenly saw a shockwave come rolling down the street toward us. I hurried to get behind a brick wall, fully expecting the fragile glass windows of the building to be blown inward by the wave, but I felt nothing apart from a slight rumbling. When I went back out, the building was fully intact. The truck driver was sitting on a bench in front of me, thanking us for letting him into the building ahead of the wave.

I went to move my sleeping son to a safer place, thinking that there might be radioactive fallout any moment. He stirred irritably, as if he didn’t want to be bothered, but didn’t wake up, and I took him to a location deeper within the building. When I went back out, I saw what looked like gray snow falling from the sky. I realized that it was pulverized material — radioactive fallout, and I hurriedly explained to my co-workers that we needed to move farther into the interior of the building to shield ourselves.

When I woke up, and for a few days afterward, I wondered about the meaning of all of this. At first, I naturally supposed that I was being warned of a coming, two-pronged nuclear attack on the U.S. — possibly one on the West coast and one on the East, given the sense of direction I had in the dream. When I told it to an older brother in the Lord, he suggested that the images in the dream might be similitudes rather than exact representations; thus, it might not be about nuclear attacks at all. Now, after having thought and prayed on it, I believe he is correct.

After consulting with a few other believers as well, I decided to enter into a time of prayer about it, to see whether the Lord wanted me to share the dream more widely or not. It then occurred to me that I should probably read the Word a bit before praying, so, as I sometimes do, I asked the Lord if there was anything in particular that I should read. Habbakuk chapter two popped clearly and immediately into my mind. Habakkuk is not exactly one of my go-to books, so I was a little surprised, but I went to chapter two and began to read. What I saw floored me:

“I will stand on my guard post
And station myself on the rampart;
And I will keep watch to see what He will speak to me,
And how I may reply when I am reproved.
Then the Lord answered me and said,
‘Record the vision
And inscribe it on tablets,
For the vision is yet for the appointed time;
It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail.
Though it tarries, wait for it;
For it will certainly come, it will not delay.” – NASB

I’m taking this as instruction to share the dream.

As to the meaning of all of this… From what I’ve seen, my belief is that the detonations in the dream represent, as I was told, a two-stage attack on America. The first is likely the western wildfires, as it has already come out that some of these have been set by arsonists. As to the second event, I feel that it will be some sort of nuclear-strength “shock” that will shake the country, perhaps not a physical weapon at all but rather a political revelation with catastrophic “fall-out.” This will be the “second stage” of a coordinated effort to throw the country into turmoil.

The night after this dream, I had another, much shorter one, of federal agents (both uniformed and plainclothes) searching the Potomac River for something. I feel that this may symbolize efforts being made in Washington to find something particularly damaging in order to influence the election. If what I’ve seen is correct, they’ll find it or else invent it.

As to the building I was in, the way it held up with barely a quiver under the shock wave makes me think that it is the true church, founded on Christ the rock. We may be a little rattled by events going on around us, but we will not be overthrown. The food truck that I saw backing up to the building prior to the second blast symbolizes God’s provision arriving just in time to help us weather the storm. The presence of my co-workers likely means that God will give us certain individuals around us to safeguard, just as he granted the apostle Paul the lives of the men who sailed to Rome with him.

Lastly, as to my son not waking up, and actually seeming irritated when I moved him someplace safer, just a night before this dream I had read Psalm 4 to him at bedtime. The last verse of this psalm reads:

“In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for you alone, O Lord, make me to dwell in safety.” – NASB

Hard times are coming for this country, but those who remain in the city of God (Psalm 46:4-7) will not be moved.

Please feel free to share this as you see fit.

God bless!