If Bernie Sanders Wins The Election…

If Bernie Sanders Wins The Election

We all know that presidents tend to age very rapidly. And we all know that Bernie Sanders already looks very old. So what would he look like if he served two terms in the White House? The photo above is presented with no further comment…

1 thought on “If Bernie Sanders Wins The Election…”

  1. Bernie will have a Vice President. If he wins.
    In the meantime, Bernie will throw socialism at America.
    Or it could be a Republican.
    The people in charge are going to throw money at the people in order to keep the country from going broke. (Doesn’t make much sense to me either!)
    The result will be inflation. No wage increases just inflation so that less people can buy in the market place. Which eventually will cycle back around and cause and even worse depression that is now on the horizon.
    The idea being to kick the can down the road until they are no longer in charge.
    Then it becomes some one else’s problem.
    That is how they have handled it in the past and I see no reason they will not do so again.
    Yes, your new president might be worse than the one you all ready have.
    IF Bernie Sanders Wins then we all lose big time.
    IF a republican wins, we have a depression and a rebuild.
    Looks like Heads you lose, Tails I win. Yes it is one more setup.

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