In 2012, Marshall Swing Had A Vision Of The Great New Madrid Earthquake That Will Physically Divide The United States

For decades, God has been showing people all over the world that someday an absolutely massive earthquake will permanently alter the geography of the United States along the New Madrid fault zone.  In 2012, Marshall Swing had a vision of this event, and what he was shown is still shaking him up to this day.  The following is an extended excerpt from an article that he posted about this vision


At various times in the vision(s), I am standing or hovering at all the various bridges. I can see the cars on them as they crash into the rivers. I can see the horror on the people’s faces, on the faces of truckers, families vacationing, many people going about their everyday activities where they are required to cross those bridges whether for work or pleasure.

I can see and almost smell the rust and paint on the bridges, I am so close.

I can hear the steel twisting and then crumpling as if soft like spaghetti.

In a few seconds, the bridges have all collapsed and almost simultaneously the Mississippi River Basin also collapses. No one survives these collapses.

Within minutes the Gulf Waters rush in powered by a great Gulf of Mexico tsunami.

The distance as the crow flies from New Orleans to St Louis is 600 miles. Tsunamis can travel at 500 mph in open water, perhaps even faster to fill a void.

Everything happens very quickly and there are no rescues, not even rescue attempts. No one is prepared for such a devastative regional and national event. The great earthquake is felt throughout the entire United States and parts of Canada and Mexico. It takes quite some time before there is any visual reporting on national/international news because there no longer exists the ability to report in the affected cities.

In an earthquake of this scale the ground liquefies.

East St Louis collapses and then disappears beneath the waters never to be seen again as the flood waters go dozens of feet up the Interstate 64 hill. The tops of that hill are roughly 600 feet above sea level. Memphis suffers much the same fate as do all towns and cities up and down the Mississippi River Basin collapse area. The collapse area is very wide, see pictures below. New Orleans is collapsed and flooded. I did not see Houston but that does not mean the collapse zone or flood zone does not extend there it just means I did not see everything or need to see everything. Much of St Louis falls down flat but I do not know how far the flood goes. I checked and there are areas of St Louis above 600 feet. I did see the former Rams stadium flooded and what was left of the surrounding buildings flooded but did not know how deep the waters were. If I had to guess the waters were 15-20 feet deep. 600 feet above sea level seems to be safe as long as you are not in the collapse zone. For example, Forest Park in St. Louis has some parts with a 600 foot elevation and areas like that on high hills might be safe unless the building you are in collapses.