In The Future, Our Brains Will Be Hacked, Tracked And Data-Mined

Biometric Security Cartoon By Welleman

In the near future, companies, hell even the NSA could be mining our brainwaves for data. It’s bad enough that private details about our lives revealed in hoovered up in emails and phone calls; imagine if Big Brother was literally reading our minds? That’s some dystopian shit.

We’re heading in that direction. Brainwave-tracking is becoming increasingly common in the consumer market, with the gaming industry at the forefront of the trend. “Neurogames” use brain-computer interfaces and electroencephalographic (EEG) gadgets like the Emotiv headset to read brain signals and map them to in-game actions, basically giving the player virtual psychic superpowers.

Now there’s a fear that we’re not doing enough to protect our raw thoughts from being hacked with “brain spyware” or tracked and gathered like the rest of our personal data.

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