Increasing Instability Inside Our Planet Is Causing Apocalyptic Scenes In Iceland And Italy

Have you seen the cataclysmic images that are coming out of Iceland?  I wrote about the tremendous shaking that is taking place in Iceland a few days ago, but things have gotten so much worse since then.  At this point, a giant “chasm” is literally running through the center of the town of Grindavik.  And in Italy, Mount Etna is putting on a spectacular fireworks show for us right now.  Of course most Americans don’t care about any of this because these disasters are happening on the other side of the world.  But they should care about these disasters, because the same geophysical forces that are causing them will inevitably cause major seismic events in our nation too.

As I write this article, authorities in Iceland are bracing for the possibility of an absolutely massive eruption, because the “tunnel of magma” that is running directly under the town of Grindavik is rapidly getting much closer to the surface…

According to experts, the chance of a volcanic eruption posing a threat to the now-evacuated town has risen substantially since Saturday.

The tunnel of magma running under the town and its neighbouring areas was measured to be at a depth of 800m, a rapid incline compared to the depth of 1500m that had been measured earlier in the day.

The Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO) said there was a considerable risk of an eruption, given the size of the magma intrusion underground as well as the rate at which it was moving. Moving magma shifts plates, causing earthquakes.

As the magma speeds along underground, it creates seismic activity, and it is being reported that there have been more than 700 earthquakes just since yesterday…

Iceland ‘is on edge’ as experts say earthquakes that have been rumbling beneath the surface for days and have torn through a town are a precursor to a volcanic eruption.

More than 700 quakes have been recorded in the south-western Reykjanes Peninsula since yesterday, and despite them being slightly weaker than in previous days the Fagradalsfjall volcano is still expected to erupt.

Iceland has been shaken by thousands of tremors over the past few days, with a state of emergency declared on Friday and around 4,000 people ordered to leave the fishing community of Grindavik.

Local residents can literally hear “unholy sounds” underneath their feet, and now a giant “chasm” has literally opened up right in the center of town…

Evacuated residents have reported hearing ‘unholy sounds’ from beneath the ground as they fled, while those allowed to return to collect belongings from their deserted homes were told: ‘If you hear sirens, drop everything and get out!’

Sinkholes have opened up around the town, and now aerial footage captured by the Coast Guard shows a chasm running through the centre, with smoke pouring out of the gaping splits as magma rises.

In all my years, I have never seen anything quite like this.

Honestly, this looks like something that was pulled directly out of a Hollywood disaster movie.

Meanwhile, Mount Etna has decided to go kind of nuts.

On Sunday it sent volcanic ash thousands of feet into the air, and the enormous lava fountain coming out of the volcano is absolutely mesmerizing…

The Mount Etna volcano began erupting again on the island of Sicily Sunday, sending ash miles into the sky and raining down on Catania.

Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) said the eruption began on Sunday, sending a lava fountain into the air. The eruptive column is estimated to be more than 14,700 feet above sea level.

Since early October, Etna has been showing signs of eruptive activity in the southeast crater, according to INGV. Activity began increasing in the past few days, with explosions occurring every second before the volcano erupted again.

It can be fun to watch the lava erupt, but we need to remember that this red-hot material comes from areas inside our planet that are extremely unstable.

In recent years, we have seen unusual seismic activity suddenly make news again and again and again.

Dozens of volcanoes are erupting right now, and each new day thousands of earthquakes rattle our planet.

Many of the scientific experts continue to assure us that all of this is perfectly “normal”.

But people like me insist that all of this seismic activity is part of the end times scenario that we have been anticipating.

If people like me are right, our planet is going to continue to become even more unstable, and that will cause unprecedented natural disasters during the months and years that are ahead of us.

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