39 thoughts on “Incredible footage of the extreme economic devastation in Los Angeles…”

  1. A lot of people don’t have the3 money to buy things so Businesses’ close. But Biden wants to bring in more migrants that have nothing. Concentrate on putting OUR People back to work and not bring more into the country.

    • This is the result of government!! No excuses; its not black vs white. This is government that has caused this.

      • Yes, the result of government failure. It looks like a bad time to own commercial real estate there!
        Expect a lot more bankruptcies and foreclosures from that unless they get bailed out with stimmy money from the government. Then the vultures will swoop in and buy it for pennies on the dollar.

      • It goes much deeper than that.

        “We warn that individuals who violate covenants of chastity, who abuse spouse or offspring, or who fail to fulfill family responsibilities will one day stand accountable before God. Further, we warn that the disintegration of the family will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets.”

      • Shut up, cuck. Whites are the only group that votes Republican in the majority, and is the only group that supports conservative principles in the majority. Which is precisely why the Left has been bringing in more and breeding more non-whites. It is absolutely about race.

        • Actually the Left has been genociding Blacks by pushing them into free abortions. You should be grateful for that. But you’re right about voting–almost nothing the government does to them moves them to vote Republican. Unfortunately it looks like Jews might also have a ceiling of something like 30% Republican and then no matter how antisemitic the Democrats are they’ll still vote for them. I say this with dismay as a Jew. But there’s demographic hope–the Leftist Jews don’t have kids while us Orthodox Jews have lots of kids. As to Latinos–it’s a mixed bag. They tend to become more conservative over time and there’s a lot more hope for them voting the same as those of European descent in the coming years. It’s the Americans of European descent and their money who are pushing the Left though and have pushed the Democratic party–Blacks and Hispanics tend to be more practical.

    • Likely the migrants will occupy the empty, boarded up buildings, which have addresses, so they’ll be able to vote after amnesty.

    • In Canada; it’s been reported that J. Trudeau has plans to bring in three million more immigrants over the next three years. Three million!! The monkeys are running the zoo. So much for putting the needs of your own citizens first. These politicians are all working from the same playbook. There’s no money for these people. Jobs are scarce. This is the worst time to be importing them. (Moreover; There is no “good time.”) It’s all part and parcel of weakening the West.

      • The problem is that the immigrant population is now so high, that it would be political suicide for any politician to try to stop it.

    • When money is handed out by the government requiring noting from the grifter, this is what happens to a city and state. The productive are taxed out of business, taxed out of a fair living and they will move to someplace they can afford to live. Everyone suffers. Personal responsibility if the answer. No workey no ticky!

  2. I didn’t see any police cars or policemen on the video, although they were looking primarily at buildings, vacancies and a lot of tents.

  3. All made vacant deliberately by the election thieving communist Democrats.

    Now with Biden’s no border policy, Chinese males of military age can just move in freely and take over these areas.

  4. If you leave and want to come to a red state like mine (Texas), LEAVE YOUR DEMOCRATIC POLITICS TOO. Plz don’t ruin my state by voting Dem

    Thank you.

    All Texans

    • Unfortunately democrats are unable to make the connection between their voting democrat and destroying prosperity and safety and freedom. They are like locusts or a virus everywhere they go just destroying everything they come in contact with. You need the conservative Californians to move. The liberals have a third world lifestyle fantasy that makes them feel so down with the people. Keep them out at all costs.

      • That is true, but fortunately, most of the people moving are conservatives who are tired of the failed liberal cities they are leaving. The liberals don’t know any better, so they are mostly the ones not leaving.

      • If you realize that this devastation will result in $billions flowing to the city and county governments and a significant amount of that will go to individual politicians and their buddies, it makes sense. Review Baltimore.

    • Good grief, do you really think your backward, venal State is not already ruined? Just don’t forget that it is discredited Republican ideology that has made Texas a third world state (more Winter storms anyone?).

      • Your libtarded “green new deal” and corrupt demonrat politicians caused the energy problem in Texas. Stay in California snowflake

      • Kind of slow in the head thoughts you have. Anyway, you are right on the one thing, Republicans are going out and it is just because there are less whites. The ugly ones are taking and taking and taking, not making. That is why ALL of their homelands are what they are.

  5. If you leave and come to a well functioning state like mine (Texas), PLEASE LEAVE YOUR DEMOCRATIC POLITICS BEHIND TOO.

    Don’t ruin my state by voting Democrat.

    Thank you.
    All Texans


  7. The people here voted overwhelmingly for Democrats and now they can live with the results. NO BAILOUT.

  8. As an Australian who has never visited the US, I’m saddened to see such a great country going down the drain.

    After WWII the US was the wealthiest country on the planet and now, due to bad governance, too much political correctness and spending billions on wars instead of supporting its own infrastructure and people, it looks like a basket case. I really hope not otherwise the UN Global Governance Agenda will be a lot more readily foisted onto the rest of us.

    • As an Australian who has visited the US, I’m saddened to see such a great country going down the drain.

      The rich get richer, and the poor get the picture.

      This has been going on for at least the last 4 decades, now it’s crunch time.

      Since the coup against Gough Whitlam, Australia has been the willing bum-boy for Uncle Sam, without a shred of sovereignty or independence. Thank you, Massa, may I have another?

      When the USA finally goes down the plug-hole, Australia will assuredly go down with them, and deservedly so.

  9. Misleading video, yes a lot of things are closed. A lot of things here were closed before covid as well. Many restaurants and businesses, the smart ones, are opening up against these restrictions. The local county govt. cites but the state must fine these businesses, which isn’t happening.

    The closures have all been on FEAR no enforcement. What is amazing is how Americans just rolled over , obeyed the mask, and closed their businesses with no fight. So, in these cases, the smart (ones who get very healthy) and the strong (ones who keep their business open) will survive. The unfortunate uninformed will likely suffer greatly. Which do you want to be?

    • Agree I got married near one of those areas and never people walking around in those parts of LoS Angeles
      But you definitely can fool a person who’s never been there
      Ofcourse Melrose people walk
      But not middle
      Of Wilshire Blvd , which stretches for miles
      Totally misleading

  10. Point taken but FYI “Wil Shire” Blvd. in Koreatown is not “West L.A.” and is far from the richest area in the city.

    • Technically, according to the post office, West LosAngeles starts on the western side of the 405 freeway. East side of the freeway it’s Westwood.

      Most people consider west Los Angeles to be west of Robertson Blvd to the ocean.

      The tour was mid Wiltshire Koreatown mid city Melrose neighborhoods.

  11. Don’t worry folks. When China finishes their US takeover, they’ll get things back in order!

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