Is Bizarre Activity On The Sun Causing Catastrophic Disasters All Over The Globe?

When you see a graphic that depicts the Sun as just about as large as the Earth, you should just chuckle.  The truth is that we are a tiny little rock compared to the giant ball of fire that we revolve around.  And whenever that giant ball of fire become more active, that greatly affects what is happening on our planet.  This is not a revolutionary concept, but a lot of people out there just can’t seem to grasp it.  Yes, the Sun is a long distance away, but without it none of us could survive for long, and to say that it is absolutely enormous would be a massive understatement

The Sun is 864,400 miles (1,391,000 kilometers) across. This is about 109 times the diameter of Earth. The Sun weighs about 333,000 times as much as Earth. It is so large that about 1,300,000 planet Earths can fit inside of it.

Please don’t just skim over those numbers.

The Sun is so large that we could literally fit 1.3 million Earths inside of it.

That is incredible.

Unfortunately for us, the Sun is also becoming increasingly active.

In fact, more than 160 sunspots were detected in the month of June alone…

The sun produced over 160 sunspots in June, the highest monthly number in more than two decades.

The data confirm that the current solar cycle, the 25th since records began, is picking up intensity at a much quicker pace than NASA and the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) forecasted, sparking concerns of severe space weather events in the months and years to come.

Just days ago, one sunspot grew to be 10 times wider than Earth in just 48 hours, and it released an X-class flare that could have potentially caused major problems

An enormous, rapidly growing sunspot on the sun’s surface has unleashed a mighty X-class flare — the most powerful type of solar flare the sun is capable of producing. The solar storm slammed into our planet, triggering brief radio blackouts in parts of the U.S. and elsewhere, but it could have been a lot worse, experts warned.

The enormous dark patch, named AR3354, emerged on the solar surface on June 27 and within 48 hours had grown to cover around 1.35 billion square miles (3.5 billion square kilometers), or 10 times wider than Earth. Space weather scientists were alarmed by the colossal sunspot’s rapid emergence and feared it could spit out a barrage of potentially harmful solar storms, according to

Scientists have known for a long time that when the sun becomes more active it has a tremendous impact on our weather.

So have we been witnessing unusual weather lately?

We sure have.

For example, a “mega cluster of tornadoes” just monkey-hammered the Chicago area…

A mega cluster of tornadoes and thunderstorms have battered greater Chicago, leaving thousands without power and forcing hundreds of flights to be canceled.

Trees were uprooted and rooftops were ripped off, as the series of tornadoes left a path of destruction on Wednesday amid the meteorological chaos.

At least eight tornadoes touched down in four counties in northeastern Illinois, including four in Cook County, which is home to Chicago, as officials warned people to take shelter.

Chicago has never been known for tornadoes.

But now we have entered a time when we should expect the unexpected.

After the tornadoes had passed, one journalist said that he had “never seen anything like this in Chicago before”

Following the storm, journalist James Kay tweeted a photo of billowing, low-lying clouds sitting over Lake Michigan behind the city’s skyline, commenting: ‘I’ve never seen anything like this in Chicago before.’

On the east coast, two months of rain just fell on the state of Vermont in only two days, and this has caused the worst flooding in about 100 years

We are being hit by disaster after disaster after disaster, and we are being told that this is “the new normal”.

But I don’t think that I will ever consider this to be normal.

On the other side of the world, India is dealing with catastrophic flooding too…

Flooding in parts of New Delhi forced the city government to close all education institutions in India’s capital on Thursday and advise people to work from home, while warning that there would be water rationing after the Yamuna river broke its banks.

Since the rainy monsoon season began on June 1, Delhi has recorded 113% above-average rainfall, the India Meteorological Department said, and the rains in the hilly states to the north have fed the river’s floodwaters.

As a result of the flooding and the unprecedented heat that has been hitting the country, the price of tomatoes in India has gone up by 400 percent

India’s extreme weather is taking its toll on crops, with tomato crops being hit especially hard.

Tomatoes have become so expensive that shops need ‘bodyguards’ to protect them, Vice news reports.

Prices have soared by 400 percent in recent weeks with a kilogram now costing more than a litre of petrol.

Speaking of heat, Europe is being absolutely slammed right now.

A heat wave named “Cerberus” had been baking Europe for days, and now a new heat wave named “Charon” is coming next

Another searing 47C heatwave is already heading for Europe, forecasters have warned – even as the continent remains on red alert and in the grips of a deadly weather system from the Sahara desert.

British tourists across the Mediterranean have been warned of the life-threatening effects of the sweltering heat after an anticyclone system called Cerberus expanded northwards.

But as Cerberus exhausts itself, Italian weather forecasters are now predicting that another heatwave – named ‘Charon’, after Hades’ ferryman – will push temperatures back up to 43C in Rome and as high as 47C in Sardinia next week.

Needless to say, Europe has had many heat waves in the past.

But what we are seeing now is different.

In Spain, the temperature of the ground actually reached 60 degrees Celsius on Thursday…

Land temperatures – how hot the ground is to touch – in Spain reached upwards of 60C in parts of southern Spain on Thursday, with the European Space Agency warning next week could break continental records.

That is hot!

In case you are wondering, 60 degrees Celsius is 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here in the United States, an absolutely massive “heat dome” is expected to cause temperatures to rise to dizzying heights in the days ahead

An unforgiving heat wave is gripping much of the Lower 48, bringing triple-digit temperatures to the nation’s three most populous states — California, Texas and Florida — and is poised to set a litany of records.

In the Southwest, readings are expected to climb as high as 130 degrees, while the southern Plains and Southeast will face an oppressive overlap between extreme temperatures and tropical humidity.

Is there anyone out there that wants to claim that this is “normal”?

Of course it isn’t normal.

As I discussed yesterday, the truth is that we are starting to experience the apocalyptic weather of the end times all over the planet.

And if you think that things are bad now, just wait until you see what is coming.

Global weather patterns will continue to get even more unstable, and this is going to cause a lot of panic and fear.

But this is not a time for panic or fear.

This is a time to become the person that you were meant to be, because God put you at this specific time in history for a reason.

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