Is The Mainstream Media Covering Up Toronto Shooter’s Islamic Terrorist Motive?

(Prison Planet) While the media continues to repeat claims that Toronto shooter Faisel Hussain suffered from “mental illness,” police and intelligence sources are studying information which suggests Hussain’s rampage was an Islamic terrorist attack.

Hussain killed two girls aged 10 and 18 as well as injuring 14 others during the attack along the restaurant-lined streets of Greektown on Sunday night.

After an almost 24 hour delay in releasing his name, as soon as Hussain was publicly identified, his family immediately released a statement that sounded like it had been written by a lawyer asserting that the killer’s carnage was motivated by nothing other than mental illness and depression.

The mainstream media immediately ran with this narrative and pushed any speculation that the shooting was a terror attack to the fringes.

“How is it that this press release came out contemporaneously with naming the #TorontoStrong killer? Was timing of both orchestrated? If so by whom?” asked lawyer Manny Montenegrino.

“What PR firm wrote this letter for the family? Because that’s not written by elderly Muslim migrants. That’s written by a political aide, or a journalist,” remarked Ezra Levant.

According to the Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington, law enforcement officials are still looking at a “potential Jihadi-inspired mission”.

“Files being reviewed by police include concern Hussain expressed “support” for a web site that was seen as “pro-ISIL,” a police source told Warmington.

Intelligence officials are also looking into residences Hussain had in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as other “online activities” that suggest he may have been radicalized.

The narrative behind the attack is interesting because leftists always immediately demand that mass shootings be described as “terrorist attacks” and not acts driven by “mental illness” when they are carried out by white people.

However, as soon as Hussain was named as the culprit, many on the left and even some journalists immediately went on the defensive, including Lauren O’Neil, who tweeted, “*Reads name of Toronto shooter*…Fuck,” before adding, “here comes all the rampant speculation about terrorism.”

“Maybe you’re the one with mental illness if you think all these Jihadi terrorists have a mental illness,” remarked Imam Tawhidi. “It’s not mental illness, it’s their allegiance.”

Many leftists responded to the attack by becoming more irate over the fact that Fox News suggested it may have been terrorism.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Toronto echoed Sadiq Khan’s rhetoric when he told a press conference, “These are the types of things that happen in big cities.”

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