ISIS beheads an American journalist

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When war reporter James Foley wasn’t writing for GlobalPost or recording video for AFP or appearing on the PBS “NewsHour,” he occasionally shared stories on his own blog, aptly titled “A World of Troubles.”

For a subtitle, he chose the famous Carl von Clausewitz sentence “War is fought by human beings.”

And that is exactly what Foley sought to show with his reporting: humanity amid the horror of war.

Foley was abducted while on a reporting trip in northern Syria in November 2012. He was never heard from again.

A video published Tuesday by the extremist group ISIS showed Foley being beheaded. It is not known when or where the video was recorded.

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2 thoughts on “ISIS beheads an American journalist”

  1. Thank-you ISIS for showing the world that you are barbaric and represent your religious beliefs of forcing people at sword point and gun point to participate in your religious beliefs.
    In the future, this barbaric force will do something so stupid as to be suicide for them and all people of this belief system. That will be both the guilty and the innocent along with them.
    Terror is a convincing first hand argument. Using your own methods and arguments will eventually cause the world to condemn you.
    We no longer use swords much in the rest of the world. The weapons of war have become much more “civilized”. Welcome to the hell of the 21st century weaponry.
    Weapons like truth drugs that force a person to tell the truth as they know it without inhibitions. To be totally honest regardless of cultural bias. Such weapons will destroy an entire religion if used.
    The true problem is going to be all the cultures that do not believe in your religious beliefs at all. That includes at least 3 billion people. Some of which are extremely good with other weapons of war.
    Not following the rules of war laid down by the UN is one really bad idea. It opens you up to have the same attitude applied against you.
    You have killed an innocent person following his profession in your area. Thank-you again for showing the world what you really represent.

  2. Islam is pure evil. This is a religious war. We must destroy Islam. Let us fight and not grow weary. We have seen the enemy and he is ours.

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