ISIS Developing Advanced Bomb Making Skills, Bragging About It

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NBC reported Monday that ISIS now poses a high threat to the United States as they enhance their military capabilities with bomb-making skills and suicide bombers.

According to NBC’s Richard Engel, reporting from Baghdad, “Several counterterrorism officials tell NBC News the threat from ISIS to American interests is, quote, ‘extremely high.’ They say ISIS is developing advanced bomb-making skills and cultivating a roster of foreign suicide bombers who could target the U.S. and Europe–and they’re bragging about it.”

One fighter, interviewed by NBC, called Iraq and Syria “just the beginning.”

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1 thought on “ISIS Developing Advanced Bomb Making Skills, Bragging About It”

  1. And what? Are they really that ignorant?
    If and when they are likely to see an effort to scour the Earth of all traces of this group . . .
    We, as an American People, had an internal conflict with the native population of this country.
    Many formed terrorist groups. The result was not pretty. Many settlers died. Then something happened that these Indians did not understand.
    The theme was: The only good Indian is a dead Indian. The last Indian standing was a group of terrorists launched from Mexico in about 1910. The survivors did not do well. Ask any of the many tribes of Indian surviving today.
    To this day we have Indian Reservations. To this day the government steals big time from them and all legal actions in a court are not going to change that by much.
    Those that learn from history. Those that do not will repeat it.
    If you start a war with this country, the result will not be one that you would want.
    The resulting slaughter from causing innocents to die in this country is all ready being felt all over the middle east as a result of 9/11. Further slaughters of innocents in this country will cause this country to react in a really violent way. Those that do not believe in the Geneva Convention in the rules of war and prisoners should not expect other countries to abide by them either.
    I expect to see massive deportations or even concentration camps on our soil for anyone of the suspected religious belief. Think not. What do you think happened to anyone that was Japanese after Pearl Harbor? We all ready have such a place off of our soil so they can really do what ever they want to those people.
    I expect a campaign to eliminate the entire group from the face of the Earth IF that attack occurs.
    You really do not want to go there. Someone causing this is to be regarded as an extreme traitor to their own people because they are deliberately thinking we are weak. That is an illusion.
    A lot of people have thought that in the past.

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