ISIS unveils chilling new map of Europe as it plans for world domination by 2020

ISIS World Map

This chilling map reveals the calculated way ISIS plan to take over the world by 2020.

The terrorist group aim to control the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Europe within the next five years, the new map shows.

BBC reporter Andrew Hosken is the author of new book Empire of Fear: Inside the Islamic State, which includes the map drawn up of areas ISIS plan to take over.

The caliphate, a state governed by Sharia law, covers areas from Spain in the west to the border of China in the east.

Andalus, for example, is the Arabic name given to the parts of Spain, Portugal and France that were occupied by the Moors from the 8th to the 15th century.

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1 thought on “ISIS unveils chilling new map of Europe as it plans for world domination by 2020”

  1. I would like to see them occupy territory next to China. They would then offend their neighboring territories to the point where China might declare war on them. I would not mess with China if I were them.
    As to Spain, France, Portugal and Italy, they might be fighting educated Westerners with a lot of toys instead of the vast wasteland of Northern Africa. The hit and run tactic will not work in Europe.
    What is likely to happen will be they will give a bad name to all Muslims every where. That means that there will be concentration camps and all the Muslims will be placed where they are under armed guard and not capable of warfare.
    There is a vast amount of wasteland in Africa called the Sahara. In home territory these ISIS people can hide. When they get to places in Europe there is no place to hide.
    Most of us do not have a taste for bloodshed. WE are by nature reluctant to go to war. Any kind of invasion will change all of that.
    There are among us expert marksmen. Switzerland is full of them. Just as an example. Switzerland has a large Muslim population of Saudi Arabia Royalty. I suggest that World War III could start if they cross the sea to Italy or Spain. Switzerland will not tolerate such an invasion.
    I still remember a Swiss Ambassador talking to a German General in World War II.
    The general was arrogant and bragged that they would take over Switzerland in a short time. The Ambassador told the General, then we may have to issue our troops two bullets instead of one. The General never did see an invasion of that country. The Swiss are known to be expert shots with a rifle. That was during World War II. They remained neutral during that war.
    Many a Jew made it across that border to Switzerland and survived because of that.
    Most of our expert riflemen came from the hills of places like Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee.
    Most are quite capable of taking out a Muslim at between 300 yards and 600 yards. The weapons have become more lethal as time goes on. It is even possible to take down a tank with the right weaponry. If there is a foreign object in the large gun of a tank and the tank crew decides to fire the weapon, it is likely the gun will backfire and kill the tank occupants.
    Small target but computer enhanced rifles are quite long range accurate right now.
    In Charlie’s War, in Afghanistan the population used small rocket fire to destroy million dollar aircraft and virtually bankrupted Russia in the process. That was over 20 years ago.
    The thing that is going to kill ISIS is their own confidence in their ability to conquer entire nations. They are also likely to wreck any Muslim’s ability to live peaceably with their neighbors. We are likely to see all Muslims given the boot back to where they came from if it continues the way it is continuing now. Many a sincere, innocent person is likely to be dumped back where they came from if it continues.

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