Islamic State holds U.S. woman, seeks ransom

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The Islamic State wants more than $6 million to free an American woman the Muslim extremists kidnapped a year ago while she did humanitarian work in Syria, according to her family, U.S. officials and news reports.

Citing concern for her safety in the wake of the militants’ execution of journalist James Foley last week, the 26-year-old woman’s family and the State Department asked that she not be identified. The three humanitarian groups she worked for also were not named.

She is the third American known to have been abducted in Syria by the Islamic State.

ABC and NBC reported the Islamic State wants $6.6 million to release the woman, who was captured Aug. 4, 2013. The extremists want to exchange her for Pakistani Aafia Siddiqui, an MIT-trained neuroscientist.

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1 thought on “Islamic State holds U.S. woman, seeks ransom”

  1. What a sick world we live in!

    I would suggest again that we remove all American Citizens from the area.
    Then go in and destroy these people right down to everybody involved in extortion. I suggest we show them what true professional soldiers look like and how they operate.

    If this woman is held hostage and it works by being kidnapped, then the next one is not too far off either. Probably we are talking over 100 people involved as hostages.

    Have they converted her to Islam? If she is still alive that is possibly the only reason she would be.
    As for this person they want to trade, I suggest his continued good health is dependent on her good health. If something bad happens to her, something bad happens to him, period, end of negotiation.

    Part of the problem is there are a lot of angry people willing to disobey all the conventions of war.That puts them on the same basis as common criminals. They should be treated as criminals.

    I think these same criminals hold oil over our heads as an intimidation factor. We as a nation should have forced all of our oil companies out of the area over time. We should then get our oil from places where we can control everything. No one area of the world has a monopoly on oil wells. Though the wells in that area of the world are known to be very deep with loads of oil in them.
    South American Oil off the Falkland Islands is supposed to be sitting on one of the world’s biggest oil fields as an example.
    If whatever is convenient is morale to these people (which is what I suspect to be the case) then the only thing we can do long term is make it very inconvenient to act that way.

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