Israel’s Braces For An Imminent “Obamageddon”


What does Obama have left in this world? He has a gripe with the Prime Minister of Israel, and a UN determined to embarrass Israel in every possible way. He has a France bent on taking credit for creating a Palestinian state, backed in the effort by Europe, the Arab world, and others. He has a Secretary of State who has not yet gotten a Nobel Prize, an activist UN ambassador itching to reorder the world as she sees fit, a legacy of failure in Syria, Ukraine, and, many believe, Iran.

Palestinian statehood was not a major objective for Clinton. It is something she believes in, but when Arafat walked away from Camp David in 2000 the Clintons lost confidence in the Middle East.

Prior to election night, fears of a lame duck Hail Mary directed at Israel may have been somewhat alleviated by statements from the Obama administration, but prior to election night, there was little reason to expect Trump to win.

A Clinton presidency would have at least preserved the concept of Palestinian statehood. And now?

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