Joanie Stahl Just Had Real World Confirmation Of Her Most Recent Vision

A few days ago, we shared Joanie Stahl’s latest vision in which she saw Israeli tanks that were “very exceedingly sophisticated”.  Joanie had never seen such tanks before, and she was having a difficult time describing what she witnessed.

Well, now she has some real world confirmation of her vision.  This is a message that Joanie just emailed to us…

Michael and Meranda,

I cant believe it! Look at what a young man sent me. You guys LOOK at these tanks! Look at the artist depiction of the tanks and the wrap around windows. THIS tank is EXACTLY what I saw and was trying so hard to describe. These are the ones I saw as being only on the first row along the Israeli border.

If you go to that link, it describes Israel’s “next generation tank”

The Carmel platform, which was shown off in a simulation back in May, is super lightweight and compact armored vehicle that will boast a silent power plant for stealth missions and in addition to its main armament, a medium caliber gun or a remote machine gun turret, it will also get a rocket launcher designed to counter incoming anti-tank threats like anti-tank missiles. Interestingly, this high-tech next-generation tank is designed to be operated by just two crew, as opposed to four on the Merkava. In order to achieve minimum crew operation while ensuring crew survivability, Carmel Tank will get a touch-operated cabin screen, as well as enabling 360 vision for the crew.

Joanie had no idea that this tank was being developed.  She was just being faithful in reporting what God had shown to her in the vision.

For those that have not read the vision yet, here it is again…

The night of Thanksgiving being totally exhausted I went to bed and fell right asleep. About a couple of hours later I woke up to use the restroom and was very groggy. I came back to bed and as I was about to fall asleep, instantly I saw myself in the atmosphere above Israel. I was awake and definitely NOT asleep, it was like watching a live video in my eyes. I have had many visions before so I am well aware what was happening to me. I saw all the armies of Israel amassed at the north eastern border. Though I was high above, I could see perfectly up close. I saw heavy armament all at the very forefront of the border. It looked like hundreds and hundreds of tanks in many, many rows. I saw something that caught my eye. I had never seen anything like these specific kind of tanks that were in the very front rows all along the border. It is hard to explain so I will do my best seeing that I am not an military vehicle expert, but do recognize obvious things.

What I saw from high above that caught my eye were these lights coming out from within these tanks. The light was no ordinary light. That was when I found myself able to see them very closely. This is something the Holy Spirit makes capable. I studied these tanks and noticed that they very exceedingly sophisticated. I know what tanks look like, and these were definitely tanks, but there were these narrow horizontal widows that went across the top front of the tanks. Something I have never seen in tanks I am used to seeing. The glass of the windows were very thick and I could see threads of very thin line-like cross hairs in it. There was this kind of light that had an unnatural brightness to it. It was pitch black darkness so it shone with almost a white-ish slightly green hue to it. It was sharp and nothing like any kind of light we are used to ever seeing. It was not a supernatural light, but a light I KNEW had to do with very sophisticated technology. I also saw that there was other armament that had technology that I had never seen or could even begin to explain, and they had it all ready in place to use. Everything was in ready mode. All canons of the tanks were pointing east as if they were waiting.

I then felt to look above me and saw what looked like heavy, massive, thick thunderstorm clouds. On the outside but up against these clouds was a massive bow and arrow. In fact, it was so unfathomably enormous and beyond impossible to even begin to think of how I would describe it’s tremendous size. I was trying to get a good look at it and thought, “This is like a bow and arrow that belongs to God!” As I said that I was instantly in the very presence of the bow and arrow. I felt that God saw that I was trying to get a good look at the arrow head. I can’t help it but that is what I sensed. What it looked like to me was that it was all made of some kind of metal material that was silvery-white, and bright. Like some kind of ultra refined silver, so pure, and it had markings on the arrowhead, but cannot say exactly what they were. The arrowhead seemed to me hundreds of times my size. As I studied it, the vision ended and I opened up my eyes.

I lay there in bed thinking, “What was that I just saw!” I tried to stay awake to think about what I just saw, but then I started to doze off and as I did, as soon as I shut my eyes I had the second vision that I did not expect.

I saw myself again in the atmosphere above north east Israel, I could still see all the armies of Israel amassed at the border. Basically the same scene. I looked above me again but this time and saw the same bow and arrow. However this time there was something different and terrifying. I saw an arm coming out of the clouds. It was a massive, powerful bare arm full of thick, huge muscles. It was an arm full of terrifying power. I saw that it was holding the bow with the arrow, and the string pulled back as far as it could go. The arrow was pointing down to the area where all the tank canons and armament was pointing. Not only did I see what I did, but the I could feel total wrath, rage and fury coming from Whose arm it belonged to. It is impossible to describe the power of what I felt. I then woke up.