Joanie Stahl Just Had Two Dreams About The Coronavirus

All throughout the Bible, and all throughout human history, God has been speaking to His people through dreams.  Unfortunately, most believers today never consider that their dreams might be important, because we have been trained to think that they are all “just meaningless dreams”.

And of course when we do receive dreams from God, they are often highly symbolic and require a lot of interpretation.  But that doesn’t mean that we should ignore what God may be trying to say.

With all of that in mind, I would like to share two dreams that Joanie Stahl just sent to us.  They are about the coronavirus, and I think that they could be very important…


In my dream Jon and I were sitting in our living room. All of a sudden, Jon picks up his cell phone and calls Trump. I can hear Trumps voice clearly and very loudly as he spoke, and responded to things Jon was saying and asking him. I could see real concern on Jon’s face as a husband and father, asking the president questions about the Corona Virus regarding safety, and what are we supposed to do. After each very somber question, Trump would talk over him, telling him very loudly, and almost rudely, giving condescending responses that “they” have everything in control and there was nothing to worry about.

I could hear the tone in Trump’s voice as if Jon was irritating him and was putting up with him. Jon became increasingly disturbed as he could not get out of his mouth what he wanted to say. I became annoyed and said, “Jon, give me the phone, I want to talk to him.”

I moved off of the sofa I was sitting on to sit next to Jon. As he handed me the phone, it’s as if the speaker went on, and all of a sudden, Trump started violently hacking away, coughing so radically and could not stop. It was horrifying sounding because it was as if he were going to cough up his very lungs, and I do not say that to be overboard. That IS how it sounded. Jon and I sat there staring with big eyes at each other as we listened. We could hear voices in the background of people trying to help him in certain ways, but his coughing and loud hacking drowned their words out . We were only able to hear bits and pieces of what they were saying and trying to do.

Then it took a turn for the worse. Then Trump began to let out loud, but deep, heavy groans of suffering. Moaning and even sharp, loud pitched howls. Sounds I do not think I have ever heard before in my life. It was almost more than I could bear because it was so grievous. His suffering and torment was more intense than I can put down into words.

I took the phone from my husbands hands, and said to Trump, “Mr. Trump, listen to me, my name is Joanie. I am a Christian.” I began to speak to him slightly about the some things in a surface manner to give me a few seconds to prepare what I wanted to say to him. I wanted to think precisely about what I was going to say to him, and mean what I would say. I wanted to be honest about my words, and what my intentions were in talking to him.

I began by telling him about the Lord, and that it is time to start trusting in Him and Him alone. As I continued telling him about the Lord, I noticed that there was no response, only silence. I was saying things that most definitely evoked an intelligent response, even an “uh-huh,” but nothing, only silence. I knew in my dream as I spoke that he was not interested to hear what I was saying. It was that KIND of notable silence all of us have encountered before.

I was determined to tell him that I had not really prayed for him before, but I was willing now especially because moments before he was obviously very ill. As I said that I realized there was a hollowness on the other end of the phone. You know the feeling, when you are talking and your ear can pick up how the person is not on the other side, but the call is still on? I was correct because I then could hear him talking to other people in the room in the background. He departed from the call altogether and left me hanging on. I woke up.

End of Dream

When I woke up, I noticed my husband had gotten up and had just then walked back into the room. I said to him, “I just had a dream that Trump had contracted the Corona Virus.” He responded, “That will never happen to him!” I felt a bit concerned about his response because Trump is as human as all of us, and everyone is a current ongoing possibility of contracting it. I lay there in bed thinking about all the greatest, mightiest nations and rulers in human history. Babylon, Medo-Persia, Helenistic Greece, the Roman Empire, as well as Pharoah and even the Hasmonean Dynasties to name a few.

I thought to myself, “Who do we think we are! Why does America think we are the only ones in human history immune to any catastrophe’s, wars and plagues? We are the big celebrity nation of the whole world. We might be the new kid on the block, but we have misused our freedom, become a nation of murderers, “hypocritical mockers in feasts”, fist-shakers at God. We are the biggest idolatrous nation in the entire world. Other idolatrous nations are third-world-give-me’s, but we are a nation that, like the city of Capernaun have “exalted themselves to heaven,” and was told by the Lord that they “will be cast down to hell.”

As I lay there thinking about all of those things, I fell asleep and had another short dream.

Dream 2:

In my dream I was sitting in my living room. I was busy doing something on the coffee table. I began to start coughing and it turned into a terrible hacking cough. I could not stop and it became rapidly worse. Just then a friend I know appeared to have walked into my living room and said to me with a bit of fearful alarml, “Joanie, you do not sound good, it sounds like you have all the symptoms of the Corona Virus.” As she said that I continued to cough and hack away even more, knowing that I needed to take it seriously and get to a doctor, and I felt very much afraid that she might be right.
I then awoke.



What I believe what God was showing me was not so much that the president will in fact come down with the Corona Virus or even myself. I really had to ponder on it during prayer and meditation. I believe that He was showing me that this whole nation, and all nations are not immune to this plague, neither are their rulers. That we are “not to look to the arm of flesh” but now only to “the arm of the Lord God” Himself. The president is as human as we are, just as Nechadnezzar, Pharoah or all world leaders in history. None of those kings could save their people, but it was God who helped them, guided them and protected them. We need to look upward NOW to God ALONE.