John Boehner losing ground in bid to keep House Speaker post

John Boehner

The latest head-count shows House Republicans may be within 15 votes of making the first step toward dethroning Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, by forcing a second ballot.

The effort by GOP House members to oust Boehner is gaining momentum, but most of the action on Capitol Hill Monday is obscured from view, with the cajoling and arm-twisting for votes taking place behind closed doors.

Even many of the most conservative Republicans who would be the most likely to vote against Boehner are playing it close to the vest, because, if the speaker survives the coup, he could retaliate by stripping lawmakers of prized committee assignments and chairmanships.

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1 thought on “John Boehner losing ground in bid to keep House Speaker post”

  1. I have predicted this happening in many comments over the last few years. The fiasco at the Florida Convention is still remembered by a lot of people, as Ron Paul was not given his rightful say in things.
    I find it rather ironic that it might be happening now as Republicans take over a majority in both Houses of Congress.
    John Boehner is the caretaker of the Republican Party when they were the losers in Congress. That required a lot of difficult decisions and compromises. Finally after many years we see the end of the tunnel. We see the Republicans with a clear majority.
    There is a time and a place for everything. That is defined in the Bible. We have had the Republican side of things with this man at the helm for a long time. Before now, the Republicans were in the position of not being able to have much to say about what was going to happen.
    That has all changed.
    So now we want to put someone new with new ideas and no idea of what is actually going on? Where were these people when the Republican Party was the minority in Congress?
    What do these new people stand for? Will they change things or not? Because if they are forced to keep things as they are, then I see no advantage to them taking over the position of Speaker of the House.
    John Boehner right now is 3rd in line to lead this country if anything at all happens to the President and the Vice President of this country.
    I think knowing what these potential Speakers actually stand for is very relevant to the situation. Because everything could change very suddenly and if that happens, whoever is Speaker will be in charge of the Presidential side of the government. Possibly leading us all into a world conflict no one wants.
    I am not in love with what John Boehner has done in the past. But I would rather have a known person in that job than someone I know absolutely nothing about.

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