John Fenn’s Extremely Alarming Prophetic Warning For The Second Half Of 2020

John Fenn has released a five minute video in which he explains what the Lord has shown him regarding the second half of 2020. As you watch the video, you will quickly realize that it perfectly lines up with what Pastor Dana Coverstone was recently shown.

However, John Fenn makes it exceedingly clear that the events that he was shown are conditional.

In other words, they may or may not happen depending on how America responds in the months ahead.

In fact, the reason why this warning is being given is so that we will pray that the events will not happen.

So nobody should come back later and label John Fenn as “false” when he is clearly telling us that the Lord told him that these events are conditional.

Sometimes God shows people things that are not conditional, and that means that they are going to happen no matter what. And sometimes God shows people things that are conditional, and those types of prophetic warnings are calls to prayer. In this case, we certainly don’t want to see the things that John Fenn has described, and so let us pray that they will not happen.

I understand that some people have a hard time making this sort of a distinction, but I am going to post this video anyway because I think that it is very important.  This is a critical warning message, and may we all pray that the conditional events that John Fenn was shown do not take place.