John Paul Jackson: Japan Will Be Given 3 Warning Signs Before Mt. Fuji Erupts And Kills Millions Of People

While he was still alive, John Paul Jackson was shown that someday Mt. Fuji will erupt and that eruption will essentially destroy the city of Tokyo.  Millions will die, and it will be the worst disaster that the nation of Japan as ever seen up until that time.

In the video below, John Paul Jackson explains that the Japanese people will be given three signs before Mt. Fuji erupts.  There will be “three different plumes of smoke or steam” coming from the sides of the volcano prior to the eruption, and after the third plume the eruption will happen.

For those that are not familiar with this prophecy about Mount Fuji, here is how John Paul Jackson described his original vision

“I  found myself standing on a hillside or a mountain or a high hill across from Tokyo. There was a tree that was blooming or blossoming or just finishing blossoming. A high-speed train had just gone by on the railroad tracks that were a little bit in front of me, maybe 200 yards down from where I was standing.

I looked across the city of Tokyo at a huge mountain in the background that was half covered with snow. The snow was about halfway down on it. I saw a plume of smoke or steam coming out of the side of the mountain. Then a little while later I saw another plume of smoke or steam come out of the side of the mountain. Then I saw a third plume come out of the side of the volcano. Then a short while later, I saw it shake. I could hear all of the noise of the city, the people, the trains, the planes going overhead, just the hustle and bustle of a huge city.

When this thing happened, when it erupted, I remember saying to myself, “Oh, this is worse than Mount Saint Helens.” The Volcano blew and smoke and ash came towards the city. It was steam and water and the water was so hot that it melted things. When it hit things, it did not just blow them over but there was a melting that took place. Then a short while later all of the noise became muffled and then quiet, absolute quiet.”