John Paul Jackson Warned That A Middle East War Would Erupt After “A Surplus Market” Of Oil

This week, the price of oil actually dropped below zero for the first time ever.  As I explained to my readers, this happened because oil producers are pumping far more oil than the world can use during these coronavirus lockdowns, storage space is rapidly running out, and speculators were caught with expiring oil contracts that nobody wanted to buy.

But as I also pointed out yesterday, one of the things that could cause the price of oil to surge back in the other direction is a war in the Middle East, and James Bailey just posted an article reminding all of us that this is precisely what John Paul Jackson was shown would happen one day…

The late Prophet John Paul Jackson received a prophetic insight revealing a war between Israel and Iran would be preceded by a surplus of oil, as shown below.

“Attacking Iran will cause a panic on the world oil market to blackmail the US and any other country that wants to support Israel. They will blackmail and say they will not continue to give that country oil unless you do not continue to support Israel. So, that will change the petroleum market really quick with what the world sees as a surplus market to a condition that is not that.” (Source:

Yesterday’s unprecedented drop in oil prices, falling below zero, was caused by an extreme surplus supply due to the coronavirus shutting down the global demand, perhaps fulfilling the prophetic sign he saw preceding war between Israel and Iran, although he was not shown the timing.

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