Latest Post-Christian Era Fad Rejects God’s Image, Replaces With Frightening, Demonic Features, Eyes

3D Tatoo Neck

Some bioethicists have concerns about cosmetic, or aesthetic, surgery because patients are being pressured to conform to stereotypes of beauty. But what if they are conforming to stereotypes of ugliness? Does that make an ethical difference? Take eyeball tattooing, a fad which started with a US tattoo artist who goes by the name Luna Cobra. He injects pigment directly into the eyeball so it rests under the eye’s thin top layer. “If you want to amuse yourself by decorating your eyeball, why not do it?” he told the BBC. “I do a lot of things that look like tie-dye or ‘cosmic space’. I think it brings a realm of fantasy into everyday life.” Mr Cobra says that his first clients wanted to have blue eyeballs like characters in the science fiction novel Dune. Black has become the colour du jour amongst gentlemen who wish to look dangerous.

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