Laura Maxwell Shares Prophetic Dreams And Visions The Lord Has Given Her Over The Last 20 Years

(By Laura Maxwell) My name is Laura Maxwell, from Scotland, UK. An author, evangelist, radio host and frequent TV and radio guest. After praying and speaking with leaders, I humbly share the following for your prayer and consideration.

On Easter Monday 2020, I uploaded a radio show to my YouTube channel sharing just a couple of revelations I believe I received from the Lord. In March of this year, during the early stages of COVID-19 outbreak here in Scotland, I began to have warning visions while awake, relating to the world, as well as similar dreams as I slept. The Lord then led me to fast for over three weeks. More warning visions and dreams followed during that time which reached a peak at the end of the fast.

Amazing Vision Of A Global Harvest Of Souls.

A few years ago, I had an encouraging vision while awake, of a huge global harvest of souls. Through January and February this year, there were frequent glorious dreams of people being saved, healed and delivered.

I will mention a few. Firstly, I’ll briefly summarize a selection of previous revelations the Lord has given me over the past 20+ years, and their accuracy.

Let Us Walk In Faith, Not Fear.

When sharing these with people, I always do encourage them in the Lord and to look to Him, to get closer to Him during any storm. He is with us in our boat! I remind them of that. I don’t tell them to focus on the storm thus causing fear and worry! As you know, through the bible, we see many times the Lord gave revelations so people would repent and pray for their land and the coming storms were often averted. Other times the storm still came, but they had been warned leading some to get closer to God and prepare even though sadly many didn’t.

Biblical Relevance.

Maybe you hold a cessationist view on prophetic dreams and visions, believing that the Lord stopped giving such revelations after the time of the apostles in the bible. Even if you do, we are surely in the end times and the bible says of such times:

Acts 2:17-21 KJV ‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:  And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy: [19] And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke: The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come: And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.’

Some Personal Background.

I’ve been a Christian for 24 years. I’ve been honored to be involved in ministry for over a decade. For many years, I’ve received revelations of what has later come to pass and been reported in the media. I had no way of knowing. Sometimes even the very day before a huge earthquake or tsunami, or a war or catastrophe breaking out somewhere. These would lead me into prayer and intercession before the Lord.

The last 6 or 7 years the amount of warning revelations have intensified, the last 9 months even more so. Dear friends, mental illness can’t cause such accurate revelations. I share all my revelations with my husband who is a doctor. If he thought I was hallucinating or having a psychotic episode, he would act accordingly! Also, I’m not that bright that I can guess at geopolitical events in advance. I’m not psychic either. I’m a Bible believing Christian.

Previous Revelations For Family And Friends.

I’ve had accurate warning dreams for family and friends. I’ll share just a few examples.

I dreamed of a Facebook friend shouting and swearing at his wife. When I told him, he admitted he did this and that he would repent and change his behavior.  A while later, he told me his marriage was improving, praise God.

Around 2002, I had a vision of a terrible car crash involving my husband and son, so I prayed. That day they were hit by a lorry, our car catapulted into a field, landing upside down. Witnesses, the police and ambulance workers said it was a miracle they survived. It was even reported in a local newspaper.

I had a vision of my husband being attacked. This led me to prayer and fasting for a few days, until he was almost attacked by a group of youth walking home one night. Before he told me, I already knew. The Lord had shown me the potential attack was over. Hallelujah!

Previous Revelation Regarding Russia.

Around 2003 or 2004, the Lord showed me something terrible would happen in Russia within days. My prayer partner at that time had the same revelation, so we prayed together for days. We actually both prayed in fluent Russian for days, despite not knowing any of that language. (My husband and others can testify to hearing me speak in foreign languages during prayer or when ministering to people).

Then the news reported a bomb was detonated in Russia. People were killed or injured. Reporters said it could have been far worse. I’m sure the Lord warns other intercessors of these same things before they occur.

Previous Revelations Regarding The Rise of The Baphomet Spirit and Baphomet Statues In USA.

I saw a vision of the rise of Baphomet while awake in October 2015, along with a strong awareness that we are in the last days when the enemy shall rise, taking more ground. I shared this in a few radio programs where I was a guest.

I saw a vision of the Baphomet while awake again, a few years later, in September 2018. Soon after, I saw a news report The Satanic Temple held a rally protesting the Ten Commandments Monument, at the Arkansas State Capitol in USA. They brought with them a statue known as Baphomet, a goat-headed figure that represents Satan. I’m sure the Lord gave such revelations to many intercessors, yet our prayers didn’t avert this.

I believe that’s because certain things will take place whether we pray or not. In the Book of Revelation and other books of the bible, we are shown there will be darker days, tribulation and so on, so we can’t just pray expecting to stop things like the antichrist coming to power, or to avert the Battle of Armageddon.

Even More Disturbing Revelations From 2014 through 2016.

During this season, there were more visions while awake. They were intense and deeply distressing for me. Please see a couple of examples below.

Vision Of The Nazi Swastika.

In the autumn of 2015, while awake I saw a vision of the Nazi swastika. I also saw the words ‘Global Takeover Spirit’, with a strong sense of evil and horror. I shared this in a few radio programs where I was a guest. I wasn’t sure whether the Lord was warning of coming political dictatorships in a style such as fascism, or communism, or whether it was symbolic of dark spiritual oppression. It felt both spiritual and political. Naturally, some of the visions I receive from the Lord are very alarming for me and I have to lean more on Him, praying for the world, while encouraging myself in the Lord to trust more deeply in Him and His peace.

Occult Rituals In High Places.

Also in 2015, while awake, several times I watched visions of evil horrific occult ceremonies and rituals. Although I didn’t see their faces, there was a strong awareness these were taking place in high places and were actually significant for the world, not just a nation or region.

People Saved, Healed And Delivered.

Through January and February this year, there were frequent glorious dreams of people being saved, healed and delivered from evil spirits. These dreams seemed to last for hours, or all night! I’ve had such dreams for many years, especially before speaking and ministering at events, where people have got saved, healed and set free from evil spirits. However, these were more intense and frequent dreams.

I have had glorious times alone with the Lord, in prayer and worship since January. It seems like a personal revival the Lord has been bringing me through since January. I didn’t know why but I knew God was with us all strongly.

Then in February, I thought this deepening sense of God’s presence with me and so many others this year relates to the global spread of COVID and also that the world has became darker. Friends, God is ultimately in control. None of this surprises Him. I also had waking visions of believers symbolically walking on the water, healing the sick and doing miracles. It is surely time to lead more people to Jesus, to heal the sick and cast out demonic spirits.

Urging People To Come To Jesus.

Through March and April, nightly, or almost nightly, I had dreams where I lovingly warned people to get closer to Jesus, or to come to Him, if they don’t know Him as Saviour and Lord.

Audible Whistle-Voice of God.

Near the end of my three week fast in April, one day I heard a clear, loud and beautiful whistle right behind my ear. No one was in the house. I had a strong and joyful sense of The Lord whistling unbelievers to Himself, as well as whistling backsliders back home to Him, like when a shepherd whistles on his sheepdogs. Hallelujah! Not surprising during this global COVID lockdown that many would come to Jesus.

God’s Hand Bringing A Gold Coin.

In April, I had a vision while awake, of God’s hand bringing a gold coin from a cloud to earth. I feel probably this was symbolic of the Lord providing for our needs in these troubled days. Perhaps, it even meant economies returning to the gold standard, so I prayed this would happen. I don’t know if it will and offer this to you for your prayer and interpretation. We are the body. Some of my dreams I feel I could interpret, others I couldn’t or haven’t yet. I feel other believers will be led to interpret those.

Dreams and Visions Of An Asteroid And Asteroid Shower.

On April 3rd, I had a vision while awake of many, including business people in suits, looking up to the sky and gasping in shock and fear. A huge, round, dark, rock-looking, asteroid type structure was about to fall on them. More were coming behind it. They had no fire trails, thus I think probably were not literal meteors. Could it be possibly symbolic of a wrecking ball bringing further economic crash?

This wasn’t the first time I had a dream or vision of an asteroid. In those other revelations, I don’t know if the asteroids are literal or symbolic of cataclysmic events. I don’t know the timing of these asteroid catastrophes.

Drought, A USA Leader, And President Trump.

On April 4th, I had four visions. As before, I watched them occur whilst totally awake, like movie clips taking place in front of me. I don’t know the timing of any of these.

  1. Drought. I watched large demonic, symbolic serpents swim through the ocean. When they vanished, drought resulted.
  2. Leader Falls. A well known US leader on a platform in front of a huge audience, seemed to be on TV. I didn’t see his face. He’d just given a speech. He was about to walk away but his laces were untied, so he was about to fall in front of the entire audience.
  3. President Trump. Waving happily at gathered crowds in various locations. I don’t know if this was good or bad in itself but it also came with a strong feeling of an assassination attempt.
  4. A Builder. I saw a builder with cement and shovel, building with bricks. I don’t know if this represented good or evil, or whether the builder was himself good or bad.

Lighthouse and Gathered People Engulfed In Tsunami.

On April 5th, I had a lighthouse vision while fully awake. Beautiful scene of people and a lighthouse looking out to sea.  Large hill behind the lighthouse.  The sea looked calm but unexpectedly, from down the hill behind them, a huge killer tsunami came from the enemy, headed to overwhelm the lighthouse and people. The sense in the vision was of my urgent concern at the church focusing on the calm sea, not realising that danger and even death was about to overtake them. I don’t know the timing of this potential situation, however it felt soon.

War, Guns, Missiles, Vaccine, and Famine.

On April 5th, I had several visions while fully awake. I don’t know the timing or location of these, whether global or not. Perhaps others have had similar, or can interpret?

  1. Famine. As well as famine and mass death, I saw tall grass, where insects and pollinators looked happy grazing but the scene changed and they all died of something like pollutants or diseases.
  2. Vaccine. A syringe with a vaccine appeared before my eyes. It looked like a weapon. I don’t know if the vaccine will look like a weapon or if it’s symbolic of its contents. I don’t know if it was the COVID-19 vaccine or not, but the flavour of it was ominous.
  3. Guns. Another waking vision was of people shooting with guns. And in another, an army with guns aiming at civilians. (This vision happened at the start of April, before the riots, etc, occurred in the USA and other countries).
  4. Possible War? I saw missiles shooting across the sky.

War/Missile Attack.

On Easter Sunday, 12th April 2020, I had two visions while awake.

  1. Aeroplanes in flight. I watched as one aeroplane literally morphed into a missile. Why did it symbolically morph? Perhaps, it meant an attack coming from un unexpected source? It did feel like an outbreak of war, or a terrorist attack.
  2. In the 2nd waking vision I watched a missile launch. It felt like the retaliation to the first missile attack.

I don’t know the timing or countries involved. I didn’t see their flags, etc. However, much of my recent revelations have concerned the USA. For example, waking visions of specific names of American politicians in newspaper headlines. I’d never even heard of these people and yet they did indeed later occur in newspaper headlines!

Chaos and Persecution.

I had several night dreams and day visions of increasing darkness and evil, chaos, devastation and persecution for believers.

In one vision, I watched as I was threatened by officials in front of an audience. They were about to kill me in a cruel way and I was terrified. But suddenly I felt the Lord’s presence, boldness and peace arise. Feeling the Lord’s deep love for them, I quickly and urgently told them Jesus loves them and wants them to come to Him now, especially before the Great Tribulation.

The Holy Spirit touched them. Those wishing to kill me received Jesus as Saviour, as did many in the ‘audience’.

Then the vision ended before I saw whether they killed me or not. However, I don’t feel this necessarily refers to me. Because in many dreams and visions I’ve had, even of events I later see on the news, I am in them even though I’m not in the event when it occurs. I feel the Lord does that to allow me to identify with those who experience the events, as I feel the fear or panic, as well as then suddenly feeling His peace and power to speak and lead them to Jesus, or to lay hands on them and see them healed, etc.

Since the above persecution revelations in March and April, just days ago, 21st July, it was reported in The Christian Institute that in my nation of Scotland, The Scottish Government’s Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill, intends to criminalise people for ‘misspeaking.’ Their below links give brief information but they mailed their leaflet to me through the post. It contained more detail of this attack on freedom of speech and rise in persecution of Christianity. We could now be arrested in churches in Scotland for saying Jesus is the Only God.

They wrote:

‘These new ‘offences’ could very easily restrict our freedom to proclaim Christ as the only way of salvation or to call people to repent of sin – even in church.’

Scottish hate crime Bill threatens gospel freedom

Scot Govt’s hate crime Bill could criminalise people for ‘misspeaking’

Valley of The Dry Bones

I saw a waking vision of Ezekiel’s Valley of The Dry Bones come alive, a few years ago. I feel it meant a mighty global conversion to Christ could occur in the future, hallelujah! Possibly, this has already begun since COVID was unleashed. I watched what looked like a film clip of the valley of dry bones, many skeletons coming to life, rising and walking around. I list this revelation last, as I hope it brings you encouragement.

Ezekiel Valley of The Dry Bones Vision

My Time To Finally Release These Revelations.

Out of all the leaders I’ve shared these with, only one, a dear Facebook friend in England said I shouldn’t share publicly as it could cause fear. I do understand that, but if you were a lifeguard and saw a storm or shark in the sea, would you lovingly shout to warn the swimmers, or not shout, in case you scared them? Also, if you feel strongly the Lord wants you to share them, and leaders have encouraged you to, then why would you stay silent?

Much of the revelations I received over the past 20 years, have been of global events and very apocalyptic in nature. I believe these relate to the Book of Revelation and other books in the bible, which refer to the last days.

Although I’ve shared a few of these revelations on radio shows since 2015, as well as my own radio show on Easter Monday 2020, I haven’t written an in depth article like this before. So, why am I sharing this now, if I’ve been getting revelations for many years? I feel the Holy Spirit wants me to at this particular time. During these times of global lockdown and COVID-19, I feel more storms are coming upon the world, some of which I have saw in visions. I also suspect if I’d shared sooner, not many would have believed me.

In Ezekiel 33, the Lord told Ezekiel if he did not blow the trumpet, warning the people of what was to come, then their blood would be on his head. In Acts 20:26, the Apostle Paul said, ‘Therefore, I declare to you today that I am innocent of the blood of any of you.’

Many Having Dreams and Visions Worldwide.

Many of my online friends from various social media platforms have had similar dreams or visions from the Lord in recent years and months. Most of them haven’t shared publicly. Yet, there are many on YouTube, etc, who have shared, especially recently.

shofar warning trumpet watchman prophet Ezekiel

Since sharing with leaders around the world who urged me it’s now time to share this publicly, I feel they confirmed what the Lord has been prompting me to write. Thus, I humbly submit this blog article for your prayers and consideration.

I appreciate many may not believe what I’ve shared, or may feel believers’ prayers worldwide during this COVID situation can avert everything I saw. Either way, I would dearly appreciate your prayers.

I remain eternally grateful to the Lord for being with me and for everything He has done in my life.

Relevance Of The Bible And Jesus Christ.

There is much historical and other evidences that the bible is true and Jesus Christ really did die on Calvary’s Cross and be resurrected. You’ll find such evidences under Christian Apologetics. I have Playlists of such videos on my YouTube Channel, including top university professors who debated people like Richard Dawkins and won the debate with their evidence. If you know Jesus Christ already, it’s time to get far closer to Him. If you haven’t asked Jesus into your life yet, I lovingly urge you to do so.

Thank you most sincerely for reading this and please share with others, if you feel led to.


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