Lindy Snow Pierce: “This Nation Shall Be Rocked As Never Before And Shall Literally Be Split In Half”

I was recently reminded the Lindy Snow Pierce had also been shown the great earthquake that is coming to the middle part of the country, but I searched diligently and really couldn’t find much.  So I contacted Lindy directly and she said that I could share with all of you what she recorded at the time…

My husband and I were in the prayer room at our church praying the quake would not happen. The original Chicago earthquake message was received in that prayer room a few days before. It was received just seconds after a word for a couple in our church that has already come to pass.

Q. What about the earthquake?

A. “Nothing can change it. It is coming. Get ready. My sons and daughters are hearing about this around the world but no one is sounding the alarm due to fear. This nation shall be rocked as never before and shall literally be split in half.* The heavens shall resound with this crack. It shall be heard and felt for miles around. Heaviness is upon the hearts of those I have told. But judgment is coming and it is long past due. I have waited. I’ve extended My love, but to no avail. A few more will repent before the day but only a handful. They are stubborn and stiff-necked and mock My name. They mock My Son Whose name is holy and not to be defiled. But they use it every day as a curse and drag it through the mud. Their violence and hatred has reached a pinnacle. It is far worse than in the days of Noah. I have stayed My hand because of the intercessors I have there. But no more. The time for judgment has come and I shall let it fall with a thunder. Pray for those who will still repent.”

*When He said this I could see the nation split down the Mississippi River. Devastating quakes have hit the river before along the New Madrid Fault and geologists predict they will happen again.