Marty Breeden: “Everywhere I looked, I saw dead people.”

Is a global pandemic coming?

Earlier this week, Marty Breeden had a dream in which he saw dead people all around him.

Could this be related to the current coronavirus outbreak, or is it about another pandemic that will happen later?

I don’t know, but his dream is certainly quite alarming…

Only a few times have I had dreams or night visions and been hesitant to share them.
It’s happened a few times lately.
And CERTAINLY last nights dream was one of those.

Now before you read this, I really cannot tell if what I saw was literal or figurative…I honestly don’t know.
If it was physical or spiritual, I just don’t know.
I can’t say if this was the U S. or not.
So I’ll just share what I saw and you take it to the Lord.

Dream February 18, 2020

Just before waking this morning….
I had a flash, but troubling dream..

I was walking out of a convenience store and I looked around and I saw what almost appeared like a scene out of the movie “The 6th Sense”!

Everywhere I looked, I saw dead people.
Some where like the walking dead, almost “zombie” like.

Some appeared to be walking aimlessly through the streets with no particular direction.

I jumped into my car and I looked into my rear view mirror and there was a VERY PALE looking female setting in the backseat.
She said:
“Yes, I’m sick too, I’m scared!
Did you see that there are dead people EVERYWHERE?”

I Awoke….