The U.S. military just conducted airstrikes against Iranian-backed forces in Iraq and Syria, and we are closer to another major war in the Middle East than we have been in a long time.  With that in mind, I think that this dream that Marty Breeden just had could be very, very timely…

Dream Sunday, December 29, 2019


Last night for the first time in several months I had a very ominous but detailed and realistic dream:

I dreamed that I was at a stranger’s house.
The house was fabulous in structure and it was very ornate and it was huge and appeared to be made, not with just great beauty but was also built with seemingly great fortitude.

I saw the gentleman of the house setting in a big easy chair reading a newspaper and the stock market for the day.
As I begin to stroll through the house, I would pass by multiple TVs.
On every TV I would see:

I would stop to listen to the different reporters and they would all be saying the same thing:

“As tensions continue to rise among the nations, one can only hope for the best.
Let us hope cooler heads prevail….. and that there is a quick solution to these rising tensions which seem to be growing by the minute!”

Upon hearing this, I went to the head of the household and I informed him of what I had heard on all of these TVs from multiple reporters and I warned him that he should be preparing his household!

He literally scoffed at me and said:

“These things have been happening for thousands of years!
This time will be no different!”

Upon saying this he immediately went back to reading his paper.

It was then that I felt led of the Lord to walk over to this huge window in the house and I immediately began to see what appeared to be large missiles, coming in multiples, yet they also seem to be as though they were Fireballs falling from the sky!!

Wherever they would hit there would be a huge explosion and then an immediate and instantaneous FIRE!!

Before I could even warn the gentlemen of the house again, it was TOO LATE… his house was HIT!

Immediately a fire begin to ravage the house.
I, along with others begin to try to evacuate the house as quickly as possible.
We exited down the back stairs into the basement.
It just so happened that the huge garage doors were all the way open and we looked out upon Devastation that is beyond description!!!

These missiles or fireballs seemed to be coming by the hundreds and the land appeared to be desolate and on fire…EVERYTHING WAS ABLAZE !!

Then, that same gentleman of the house cried out:


I looked at him solemnly and said:

I then awoke….

I think the gentleman of the house was both representative of a world being warned that will not listen, and also the church body at large who is too caught up in worldly things, gains and aspirations and will not heed the call of the Watchmen!!!
I DO believe this dream to be a foreshadowing of things soon to come.
As always, take this before the Lord!