Marty Breeden: “I Saw What Appeared To Be Hundreds Of Rockets And Missiles Both Incoming And Outbound!”

(By Marty Breeden) I want to share a dream I had yesterday afternoon, during a nap.

As always, I only share what I have both seen and heard and I make no profession to know the timing of these events, for i am not given that.

Also, ALWAYS….ALWAYS take any dream I or anyone has before the Lord.

Dream of Iranian Attack
July 28, 2020

During an afternoon nap, I had a very harrowing dream.

Yet once again, I was back at my home place.(this has been an odd, yet recurring theme in my dreams lately).

I was at my grandfather and grandmothers house with my youngest daughter.

I observed there was a very large American Military presence everywhere. I was so close to their vehicles that I could hear the radio chatter.

I heard it said, “The Iranians are prepared FOR LAUNCH!”

I then heard:

“The Patriot Missile Batteries ARE READY!”

It was then that I looked toward the Eastern sky and I observed the launch of a very powerful rocket.

It was unlike anything I had ever seen before!

It appeared to be white, with Arabic and other writing, possibly Chinese.

The powerful rocket ascended with a speed I’ve never seen.

It was odd, it had both a blue and a white trail of smoke behind it, then there appeared a golden trail as bright as the sun itself!

I heard the American Military reporting there had been a launch by the Iranians.

I then heard the order to launch the Patriot Missiles IMMEDIATELY !

I saw what appeared to be dozens and dozens of simultaneously released Patriot Missiles, in search of a target.

It was also then that I noticed Patriot Missile Batteries in fields, and close to residential homes.

All of this happened SO FAST, in such rapid succession, that I suddenly realized that I needed to get my daughter and myself to safety.

So I grabbed her and we took off toward my grandparents house.

(Odd side note….as we were running toward the house, I could hear playing in the background, the song by “Blue Oyster Cult” named “Don’t fear the reaper!”…
Which is a very demonic song promoting suicide!!
So I think when these events begin, a spirit of suicide will be prevalent!)

It was then that I heard several explosions in the offing…there were many!

I remember thinking…”I hope we can make it to safety!”

I then noticed that there was a burning sensation on my skin everywhere.

It was like standing WAY TOO CLOSE to a large fire.

I ran through the door of my grandparents and I knew there was safety there.

I pulled back the blinds, and looked out the window, and I saw what appeared to be hundreds of rockets and missiles both incoming and outbound!

I awoke…….

(*Note-Because of my heritage, I also believe this could be an event about to happen in Israel against the Jewish people)

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